8 Hassle-Free Self-Tanners for an Instant Goddess Glow

There’s really nothing quite like the anxiety you get every time you try out a new self-tanner. A million questions come to mind. Will it come out streaky? Or maybe look orange? Will it smell funny? Is it going to get all over my clothes? Did I miss a patch or patches on my back? The scenarios are truly maddening. But you go ahead and try to find the best self-tanner for you because you’re determined to be tan, damn it.

As if you weren’t already riding on the struggle bus, between the self-tanning mists, sunless lotions, spray tans, frothy foams and tanning gels there’s an overabundance of products. We’re not exaggerating even a little. And they all promise to transform you into the beautiful bronzed goddess you’ve always dreamed of being, of course. But where’s a girl to start exactly?

Well, that’s where we come in. As experts in the beauty biz, we went ahead and hunted down the latest and greatest self-tanners to hit the market. Heck, we’re a shade darker just thinking about them.

Are you on the hunt for a sunless tanner that will trick people into thinking you’re frequenting tropical destinations this season? Then keep reading to find your best self-tanner.