Beauty in a Bottle: 8 Beauty Supplements That Leave You Glowing

When it comes to our beauty routine, we’d like to think we keep it pretty simple. We take care of our skin with cleansers and moisturizers, debut clean and fresh makeup throughout the day, and spritz our hair with split-end menders and shine sprays — all to keep our general radiant glow. While there are tons of topical beauty products to meet our standard beauty needs, sometimes it would be nice if we didn’t have to put in the extra work (hello, extra half-hour of sleep). That’s where beauty supplements come in.

When it comes to the phrase, “beauty is on the inside,” we’re taking it quite literally. While topical beauty products can be a quick fix for covering up a blemish, or hiding your brittle nails, at the end of the day your beauty gripes may be stemming from a lack of nutrients — which hundreds of hair, skin and nails vitamins say they can fix. So who’s a girl to trust when there are thousands of beauty supplements out there (not all FDA approved) that claim to give you glowing skin, gorgeous hair and strong nails? Allow us to help.

While any beauty supplement requires time for the effects to surface (usually around four to six months), proper consumption can lead to some seriously beautiful results. Here, the eight best beauty supplements that will leave your hair, skin and nails glowing.