Hot Out There? Chill Out With These Cooling Beauty Products for Summer

The joy of spending days and nights outdoors is the reason we can’t wait for summer each year. But the unbearable heat, faucet-like dripping sweat and stickiness we could do without. When it comes to summer beauty, we have a couple of objectives. First, find a sunscreen we genuinely want to use. Second, stock up on smudge-proof makeup products that will stand up to sweat. And, of course, keep cool. Though crop tops, sandals and beach vacays can help us in our quest to stay comfortable in the summer heat, cooling beauty products happen to be our secret weapon of choice.

They contain calming ingredients like cucumber, mint, yogurt and aloe and are guaranteed to chill you out in seconds. Some cooling beauty products are meant to be applied after sun exposure, others while out in the sun and some can be used any time our skin needs a refreshing pick-me-up. What’s more, they can work beyond summer, especially when skin is feeling sensitive. You can even store some of the products in the fridge for a more intense cooldown.

Next time the temperature soars, grab a hat, a cold drink of water (or a boozy slushie) and one of these cooling products to beat the heat this summer.