7 Things We Learned from Eleanor Pendleton’s Instagram Q&A

If you take one look at Eleanor Pendleton's flawless skin and perfectly balayaged ladylocks, you'll quickly understand why she's one of Australia's most prestigious beauty experts. On top of her overall attractiveness, Pendleton's multi-award winning beauty know-how has been published in Harper's Bazaar Australia and InStyle, to name a few, and she also runs a pretty nifty go-to blog called GRITTYpretty

Last night Pendleton took to her Instagram for a live Q&A, so that all of our beauty questions could be answered. Here's what we learned about the 25-year-old beauty blogger and how to keep ourselves looking tip-top.

1. Organic cold-pressed coconut oil has multiple uses. Not only can it be used to remove eye makeup, it also can work well as an overnight hair mask (but don't forget to shampoo properly the next morning).

2. Diane Kruger is one of her beauty inspirations.

Along with Cate Blanchett, LeeLee Sobieski and Margot Robbie.

3. She's a fan of mattifying.

Pendleton suggests mattifying moisturiser, followed by mattifying primer to tackle oily skin. 

4. Being "half-Asian" is a blessing.

Apparently that's why her hair is "naturally super straight." She also gets it trimmed every eight weeks.

5. How to beat 3 p.m. shiny-face.

Keep a pressed powder with you at all times.

6. Like most of us, she likes Game of Thrones.

She took an insta-break to watch the finale and have some dinner midway through the Q&A.

7. She gets pimples too.

"I felt a big blind pimple coming but after a few applications (over two nights), that bad boy never saw the light of day," Pendleton explained of Dermalogica Australia's Clear Start Breakout Clearing Emergency Fix Gel. "The gel stopped it from rearing its ugly pimply head!"

For more of Pendleton's tricks of the trade, head on over to her Instagram Q&A thread.