A totally symmetrical face is the secret of female beauty, scientists have discovered. The distance between a woman’s eyes and mouth reveals how attractive she is to men. Psychologists in the U.S. and Canada found that women with beautiful faces have two “golden ratios” – one for length and one for width.


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The horizontal distance between the middle of their eyes should be about 46% of the width of their face. That puts supermodel Kate Moss, 35, at the top of the tree, with Cindy Crawford, 43, and Cheryl Cole, 26, right behind her. Bizarrely, the average face also has these types of proportions.

Professor Kang Lee, who led the study, said: “We know that different facial features make a female face attractive – large eyes, for example, or full lips.  “Our study conclusively proves that the structure of faces – the relation between our face contour and the eyes, mouth and nose – also contributes to our idea of attractiveness.”

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