Backstage Beauty: Matthew Williamson Fall 2013 with Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge

Matthew Williamson Fall 2013 beauty look

With Matthew Williamson comes thoughts of bright prints and playful fashion but for beauty this season, vlogging superstar and celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge turned to nature to serve as her inspiration. “Matthew’s inspiration for the collection was the Northern Lights, and overall, there was quite a lot going on. With this in mind, my idea for the makeup was to have it almost as if, from the neck up, it was looking at a sepia photograph…neutral, desaturated tones and natural definition,” she said of the collection’s look. “Brows were key. I wanted big neutral bushy brows so I ‘backcombed’ the brows using brow gel, really working it into the roots of the brows to create bulk before brushing up to smooth. Cara Delevingne‘s luscious brows really didn’t need much of this!” 

Lisa Eldridge backstage at Matthew Williamson Fall 2013

If you fancy getting this look at home, check out the how-to, created by Lisa Eldridge and Head Makeup and Trend Artist for Benefit, Lisa Potter-Dixon

1. Cleanse the skin with makeup remover. Apple it onto cotton wool pads and sweep over the face until the skin is clean. 

2. Spritz the skin with ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist to rehydrate the skin. 

3. Massage total moisture facial cream into the skin for a few minutes, paying special attention to any dry areas. Leave it to soak into the skin for 2 minutes to allow the moisturizer to work, for your perfect ‘ready for makeup’ base. 

4. Next, lightly apply hello flawless oxygen wow liquid foundation using a foundation brush starting from the center of the face and blending outwards. Really buff this into the skin using the blush brush to get that air-brushed ‘no makeup’ makeup look. 

5. Next onto concealer. Start by applying boi-ing concealer around the eyes and nose, and on any red or problem areas using the concealer brush. Then go over the same areas with fakeup hydrating concealer (a new product launching in April 2013). Finally, buff the concealer into the skin using the powder shadow brush. Your skin should look fresh, dewy and naturally flawless. 

6. For the eyes, apply high brow under the bottom lash-line and onto the top lash-line and blend it in. Apply the base shadow from peek a bright eyes over the top to accentuate the color. Then apply high brow into the waterline of the eye. 

7. Take the powder from brow zings in light and apply it onto the eyelid up to the socket, and then blend. Next, take the contour shadow from peek a bright eyes and mix it with the deep charcoal from the smokin’ eyes kit and blend it into the socket of the eye to create a sepia-shadowed effect. 

8. Curl the eyelashes and back-comb the brows upwards with speed brow gel for a feral finish. 

9. Contour the cheekbones by using a playstick which is two shades darker than your skin tone in the hollows of your cheeks and on your temples. Blend using blush brush. 

10. Finally, add sun beam highlighter to the cheeks with the blush brush to give the skin an extra glow. 

images: IMAXtree, Lisa Eldridge