5 Secrets to Healthy, Glowing Skin


In the bright lights and on the big screen, celebrities often look like the picture of health and beauty. While we know that’s not always true, we all covet glowing, healthy looking skin; but what does that really mean? To understand the Hollywood glow, you have to look at the composition of skin, which is actually quite simple. The largest organ in your body consists of 70% water, 25% protein, and 5% fat and that’s important to remember when attempting to take care of it. Dehydrated skin is one of the major causes of most aesthetic skin problems. In the summer months it doesn’t matter whether your skin is oily or traditionally dry, you still need extra moisture. That glow we often see celebrities with isn’t just the product of good genes, it comes from hours in the makeup chair, spa bed, and salon station. Luckily, there are steps you can take that will give you that hydrated glow at home, without the VIP experience.  


  1. Avoid long, hot showers. The harsh water will strip the good moisture from your skin. Warm water is better for your skin (and hair) so stick the lobster showers. 
  2. Don’t forget your neck and decollete. It’s well known that the neck is a great indicator of how old you are as the skin is thinner and prone to aging. Help battle wrinkles and discoloration by applying a moisturizer with an SPF over your neck and down onto your chest. If your decollete looks glowing and healthy, it reflects well on the rest of your skin. 
  3. If you’re not already wearing sunscreen all the time, you must! It not only ensures that your skin stays heathy now, but also keeps your skin looking healthy for years to come. Sun damage is a quick way to get dull, leathery skin. 
  4. Exfoliation not only helps remove dead skin but also stimulates new skin. In order for your skin to absorb your moisturizer fully, there needs to be a clear passage unhindered with dirt and dry, dead skin. Using a gentle exfoliant, either chemical or manual, and your skin will thank you. You’ll be one step closer to getting glowing red carpet-worthy skin by adding gentle exfoliation to your daily routine. 
  5. Take care from the inside out. It’s important to take care of your body because it will reflect heavily on your skin. Be sure to drink lots of water because you’ll not only notice a difference in your skin, but your whole body will thank you. You can also help your skin by eating foods such as strawberries, which contains the anti-aging property Coenzyme Q10, and Vitamin C rich foods such as oranges and blueberries, which when eaten with amino acids promote the growth of collagen fibers. 

Images: IMAXtree