How to Sleep in Your Makeup


Let me preface this by saying it is bad to sleep in your makeup. You know it and I know it but sometimes a situation presents itself where it’s absolutely necessary. The most important two things you have to remember when you’re planning on sleeping in your makeup are that you have to use a light hand and keep your face makeup free wherever possible. And you must use long-lasting and smudge-proof products. Whether your look necessitates a full smoky eye or you’re just looking to impress someone in the morning, we have the tools for you. 

Sleeping ModelsSleeping Models


This is where you want to be most careful when sleeping in your makeup. Your skin, like the rest of your body, uses the time you sleep to recover and so you want to let your skin breathe as much as possible. So, skip the foundation and only apply concealer where necessary. Choose Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit $32 which comes with a pressed powder so that you can conceal and set the area without adding product to the rest of your face.

If you want color on your cheeks, opt for Benefit’s Posietint $29 which will tint your skin without a greasy finish and wears down well over the night.


If you’re looking for an “I’m naturally this pretty in the morning” look, choose a tubular mascara and leave the rest of your eye free. Blinc’s Kiss Me Mascara $24 will not smudge or rub off even if you’re a particularly turbulent sleeper, so it’s your best bet for a fresh-ish look in the morning.

If you’re taking a red-eye flight and want to look refreshed and polished upon landing, cream shadows and liners are your friends. Products such as Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil $20 and Maybelline’s Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow $6.99 are designed to stay on for hours and will not crease or dramatically smudge.  


Lip stains are perfect for sleeping in because you don’t have to worry about smudges. They also look more natural, especially if you use a rosy tone that will accentuate your skin’s natural flush such as Benefit’s Benetint Pocket Pal $20.

Finish off your look with a setting spray such as Urban Decay’s All Nighter XL Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray $34 and you should be good to go all night.

Images:, IMAXtree