How to Wear Fall’s Hottest Hair Trend: Blunt Bangs

Leighton Meester blunt bangs

Anna Faris blunt bangsLeighton Meester blunt bangs

It might be time to spice up your hair cut for the holidays, and we’ve got one suggestion: blunt bangs. Blunt bangs have quickly become fall’s hottest hair trend, with everyone from Anna Faris and Leighton Meester, to Mena Suvari and Amber Riley stunning us with the cute cut. These sharp bangs add edge to a more traditional haircut, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. So how can you rock the ’do? We thought you’d never ask.

In the past, bangs have seemingly been reserved for ladies with thick, straight hair, and there’s a reason for that; naturally straight bangs are effortless. That said, a wavy haired girl can conquer this cut too, it’ll just take a little more daily styling time.
The key to getting the perfectly blunt bang is keeping them thin. If they’re too thick, in terms of texture and shape, they’ll overwhelm your face. If your hair is a little unruly, ask your stylist to thin your bangs a bit and show you how to straighten them properly. To get a fringe like Anna’s, make sure your hair lands right between your brows and lashes. Be warned: this means mandatory, monthly maintenance. Book your stylist every three or four week to keep them neat and at the right length.
Amber Riley blunt bangsMena Suvari blunt bangs
Struggling with a bad case of bangophobia? If you’re not ready to jump feet first into the look, consider softer bangs cut more discreetly into the rest of your hair, or better yet, a side-swept bang. You can also invest in clip-in bangs that look (surprisingly!) natural. According to Allure, Lea Michelle rocked a clip-in, like those made my Garland Drake, for six months before she decided to commit to the cut.
Once you’re comfortable with your new fringe, try wearing it with an elegant updo to draw further attention to your cheekbones. Otherwise try leaving your hair down, sleek and straightened, for a more casual day ’do.