SoulCycle Founder Elizabeth Cutler: A tFS Interview

SoulCycle has nothing short of a cult following – and not only among regular plebeians like myself. Everyone from Chelsea (and Bill!) Clinton, Caroline Kennedy, Anderson Cooper, and Katie Couric, to Kelly Ripa, countless Victoria’s Secret supermodels, Katie Holmes, and Brooke Shields swear by the heart-pounding workout. Co-founded by Elizabeth Cutler, the indoor cycling studio now boasts its very own line of apparel and new styles hit SoulCycle's various location and their website every eight weeks and, come December, they will sell grapefruit-scented candles created especially for SoulCycle by Jonathon Adler. We spoke with Cutler about how she goes about designing new styles, what fabrics to look for when shopping for gym clothes, what she stocks in her gym bag and frige, how to prevent post-sweating breakouts, and more.


The Fashion Spot: What fabrics are best when taking a class where you'll be sweating? Ones where you won't? 

Elizabeth Cutler: If you are sweating, any wicking product, such as Coolmax, Dri-fit, Climatecool, Supplex, or Luon. For a non-sweating workout (not sure what kind of workout that is!!), 100% cotton is always great. Avoid heavy wools or anything itchy. 

tFS: What kind of socks do you recommend wearing with indoor cycling shoes? 

EC: At SoulCycle, we use SockGuy branded socks. They are built for maximum performance, fit almost every size foot, prevent blisters, and keep your feet cool when riding. 

tFS: Given that you come out with new apparel styles every few weeks, do you have to schedule a time to design or does your design inspiration come to you as you go about your day?

EC: We have design meetings every week, but I'm inspired to design almost every day. Whether I see a cool design in a store window or a great sweatshirt on one of our riders, I will jot down my design inspiration for our next meeting. 

tFS: Do you ever find it challenging to balance fashion and function?

EC: No. For us, design and comfort are one in the same. Just because an item is functional, doesn't mean we cannot play with color, logos, or fabric. Personally, I am a sneakers girl — comfort is key — you will rarely find me wearing heels. 


tFS: Do SoulCycle instructors follow any kind of a dress code?

EC: Our instructors are our ambassadors of all things Soul — you will see them rocking out in the newest Soul gear.

tFS: Is there a 'SoulCycle look'?

EC: All of our riders are unique, from the urban athlete and the Tribeca mom to the corporate banker — it really depends on the rider. We are amazed how our riders have embraced our SoulCycle gear and are thrilled that they wear it in and outside the studio. 

tFS: What would we find if we looked in your gym bag?

EC: Nike Dri-Fit tights, a grey SoulCycle t-shirt with the neck cut off, a Falke sports bra in black, SoulCycle socks, metallic adidas hi-tops, an Aviator Nation sweatshirt, and and my Shimano cycling shoes.

tFS: What would we find if we looked in your fridge?

EC: Right now I am on a cleanse, so fresh vegetables like spinach, broccoli, carrots, and lean proteins like chicken and salmon. If I wasn't on a cleanse…frozen yogurt, preferably from 16 Handles or 40 Carrots at Bloomingdales.

tFS: Many woman worry about sweat causing breakouts. Do you have any great beauty product suggestions?

EC: It's really important to wash your face post workout — my favorite cleanser is from The Face Place. I can't live without my Lancome Flash Bronzer Anti-Age Tinted Anti-Age Self-Tanning Face. With two young kids and a growing business, that is about all the skincare I have time for!

tFS: What's your pre and post workout routine?

EC: Since I work above the Tribeca studio, I am generally at my desk after my workouts!

tFS: Any expansion plans for SoulCyle's apparel line? Bags? Sweatbands?

EC: We are constantly looking to expand our retail line and have plans to roll out new retail products in the next year. We are opening our first studio in LA in West Hollywood in January and want to create products specifically for the LA market.