Get the Look with Pantene: Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana - get the look

A master at working with even the most dry, brittle hair, hairstylist Francky L'Official brought new life to our model's mane giving her the sleek, wavy look Zoe Saldana is famed for. To start the transformation, Francky used Pantene's Dry to Moisturized Shampoo and Pantene's Dry to Moisturized Conditioner. These two new hair products are oil-enriched and specially designed to moisturize and protect African American hair structure. According to Francky, they are especially great for taming dry, unruly, and frizz-prone hair.

Pantene shampoo

Once the hair was towel dried, Francky applied a heat protecting/anti-frizz cream with his fingers to serve as a base. Applying the product at the beginning of the styling process not only helps protect hair from the get-go, but you avoid having to layer on too much product at the tail end of the process which can, according to Francky, sometimes make for an unnatural look.

Using a round ceramic brush — Francky's preference because it adds shine and won't cause breakage as it allows for efficient heat transfer — he blow dried the hair piece by piece before going over the whole head once again with a flat iron. Once the head of hair was completely straight, going about two inches from the top, Francky curled the hair in sections using a one-inch barrel curler, letting the curls fall naturally. He suggests holding the hair in the barrel curler for five to eight seconds. Many people have a tendency to use a lot of hair products, but the in-demand French stylist thinks less is more and that it's best to find out what your hair type and texture is and to consider the effect you desire by using just a few products that are made for those specific purposes.

Francky L'Official blow dries and styles model's hair

After curling the entire head of hair, Francky put a few drops of white truffle oil on his hands and, using his fingers, lightly worked it through the model's hair to break up the curls for a light, loose, natural look. He then gave her a side part and lightly combed over the hair, sculpting the curls around her face. Finish the look with hairspray if you are prone to flyaways, but remember that when choosing hairspray, to opt for ones that are dry once they touch your hair as Francky noted that most hairsprays are wet when they touch hair, which will not only make hair stiff, but can also cause frizz.

Francky L'Official and model

Francky L'Official is regarded as one of the most sought-after hair stylists in New York City with his namesake salon and a throng of socialite and celebrity clientele. In addition to being a regular on Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New York City", Francky has overseen numerous fashion shows and has become a highly reputable source on hair expertise.