Summer Beach Hair Tips

While we all wish we had effortless gorgeous beach hair, the reality of what it looks like at the beach is a completely different story. Whether you have limp, damaged hair or a naturally curly mane, here are some tips to get you through your trip to the beach with enviable tresses: 

  • If your hair is already damaged, the harsh UV rays paired with the inevitable sand-infested tangles that come with a trip to the beach can often do more damage. To help keep your hair smooth and supple, apply a product such as Kerastase's Aqua-Seal $39, which is a waterproof product that will protect your hair from any further damage from the drying salt and sun. 
  • Whether your hair is damaged or not, it's important to protect it from the sun and other elements that come into play during the summer. Phyto's Phytoplage L'originale Protective Beach Spray $22 will not only keep your hair shiny but will protect it from the sun, salt, and even chlorinated pools, something that is especially important for people with colored hair. 

Peter SomThakoon

  • While you're swimming, try to leave your hair down. A topknot or other tight styles will almost always result in tangles which are only made worse by sand. If there is sand in your hair, be sure to rinse it out thoroughly before you try to brush it as the sand can be damaging. 
  • To avoid scalp burn, try to avoid parting your hair. Use a hair clip or headband to keep your hair together and you can avoid painful burns that will cause peeling of the scalp. 
  • If you're worried about your hair frizzing after a long day in the sun, apply a humidity-resistant hairspray once your hair is dry such as Alterna's Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray $18 so that you can keep your beach waves without the fear of frizz. 
  • If you can't make it to the beach, or would rather stay out of the water, you don't have to miss out on texturized beach hair, simply apply Bumble and bumble's Surf Spray $23, which is a saltwater based product that will fool anyone into thinking you've spent some time in the ocean. 

Photos: IMAXtree