Beautiful Hair Bootcamp: Splitting Hairs with Ryan Nickulas

Hi Sugars! Hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday weekend, relaxing in the sunshine and kicking back with loved ones. Now that summer is officially here, you know what that also means—wedding season is upon us! 

Whether you’re getting hitched yourself, have the (dreaded!?) honor of being a member of the bridal party, or are simply a guest (running into old friends/frenemies and maybe even THE EX you never quite got over), looking your amazing best is a must and I’m here to help. There’s no better way to wow a crowd than with a flip of your gorgeous, luminous locks! Enlist in a little basic training—just consider me your beauty drill sergeant.

Mane Mission: Strong, sexy, healthy, super-shiny strands. 


True beauty begins from within and I’m a huge fan of using cleanses to kickstart your body to a healthier lifestyle. Just think, shouldn’t what you put in your body be just as, if not more, important than what you put on the outside? The BluePrintCleanse is a great one and I’ve even heard buzz that celebs like SJP and Jessica Szohr are fans. Alicia Silverstone is another star who’s big on cleansing and the vegan diet. The gluten-free, vegan BluePrintCleanse can help alleviate problems such as allergies and skin conditions, boost weight loss, and eliminate toxins within your body’s infrastructure. You’ll feel refreshed, lighter—physically and emotionally—and have clarity when it comes to your relationship with food once you’ve completed the cleanse. The best part: there are different levels of cleansing to choose from so there is something for everyone and the website makes ordering super easy.

Renovation Cleanse


Once you’ve tackled the cleansing process, be sure to maintain the healthy routine. Vitamins and supplements are not only great from a nutrition standpoint, but they can accelerate the growth and strength of your hair, skin, and nails. Try pre-natal vitamins, biotin and flaxseed, grapeseed or fish oils—they can be found at most health food or grocery stores such as Whole Foods. I have friends and clients who swear by Biotin, touting its ability to make their hair grow twice as quickly and ultra-strong.


Next up, treat your tresses to some TLC. If you’re a DIY kind of gal, try pampering your hair from your pantry. Mix up your own hair mask or treatment with items such as avocados, papayas, olive oil, egg yolks, mayo, and even beer. These home remedies can do wonders for your locks, enriching them with nourishing properties that create high-shine, beautiful hair. You can even try a vinegar rinse to clarify strands and prep them for styling without leaving behind an icky, gloss-eradicating residue.


Finally, there’s a reason oils are the IT hair treatment of choice lately—they work! Moroccan, Macadamia, and Argan oils have rich, moisturizing properties to heal hair from the inside out. Even distribution and heat can help intensify lasting effects, so apply a mask or a hot-oil treatment to hair, wrap in a hot towel and relax! Try to do this at least once a month. 


Finally, when it comes to products, I love ones that include SPF to minimize color fade and damage that leads to dull, drab hair. Goldwell Definition SPF is great. Also from Goldwell, try their Shine boosting mask or shine kiss hairspray. 

beauty bootcamp

Macadamia Natural Oil infused comb, Goldwell Color Glow Regenerative Hairmasque, Moroccanoil treatment for all hair types