How to Look Like a Supermodel

Linda, Christy, Cindy, Heidi, Naomi, Claudia, and Giselle: Just their first names conjure up images of larger-than-life beauty. Being a supermodel is about more than beauty, however; it is also an attitude. If you want to look like a supermodel, read on for some easy tips to get the attitude behind the look.

 1. Work on good posture.

The first step is to stand like a supermodel. Pull your shoulders back, pull in your core, and push your pelvis slightly forward.  You should be able to balance a book on the top of your head. Remember to stand with confidence.

2. Practice your walk.

Supermodels have a strut – literally. Here’s how you can do it: Place one foot in front of the other with your toes facing forward. Your footprints should form a single line, as if you are walking a balance beam. Place the forward leg a good distance in front (but not so far forward that you look clumsy). Always look forward with a smile (open or closed) on your face. Finally, practice, practice, practice until you get your stride perfect. 

3. Polish your hair and skin.

Supermodels generally have natural-looking hair. Try a middle part with some loose waves. For your day make-up, try a dewy tinted moisturizer, followed by an illuminating bronzer. The final touches are full, natural brows, and a light lip gloss. For night, try lining your top and bottom lids with a dark brown liner for a more dramatic effect. For big nights out, have your hair and make-up done professionally. You don’t think supermodels look the way they do without a team of beauty experts, do you?

4. Wear high-heeled shoes.

Find the highest pair of heels or wedges in which you can walk, and wear them often. High heels and platforms offer the illusion of height and confidence.

5. Flash your megawatt smile.

If your teeth are crooked, ask your dentist about braces or Invisalign. Make sure your teeth are white. Try an at-home whitening product or an in-office procedure, such as Zoom or BriteSmile.


Originally published by SheKnows