Jamal Hamadi, Hair Stylist: A tFS Exclusive Interview

Jamal Hamadi ( has had quite the illustrious career – he was born to be a hair stylist.
Jamal has worked with some of Hollywood’s most coveted stars. His clients have included Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, James Franco, Claudia Schiffer, Tilda Swinton, Naomi Watts, and many more.
His hair care line, Hamadi Organics, boasts the tag line, "Tested on Actresses, Never on Animals™." 

Here, Sarah Howard asks Jamal three beauty-related questions:

Sarah Howard: How did you break into the hair industry?

Jamal Hamadi: From a young age, I felt connected to the struggles one experiences with wild, unruly, seemingly untamable hair – I struggled to find the right products, trying countless products to tame and control.
 No one knew how to cut or style my hair; they kept trying to cut it wet, and when it dried, it was too short, or the shape wasn’t right. It was so frustrating, I had to learn to do it myself.
I went to beauty school in Los Angeles, and then in the early 90s, Louis Licari (hair colorist to the stars) introduced me to actress Linda Evangelista. Linda flew me to London to do the cover of British Vogue.
Simultaneously, Lisa Marie Presley asked if I would do her hair for an interview. She didn’t mention it was the Diane Sawyer interview with her and Michael Jackson. At the time, I believe it was the most highly viewed interview on television. Shortly after that, Sharon Stone flew me to Paris to do the cover of Vanity Fair. During this time, I also met Odile Gilbert, who is a world-renowned stylist. She was my mentor! It was an absolutely lovely time in my life.
All of these individuals were my catalysts. After meeting them, I progressed as a stylist in the high-end fashion and entertainment industries.

SH: Five most coveted products?

JH: With these products, you can create the most natural-looking hair texture. I can’t live without them!
1.  The Hamadi Organics Shea Spray: It’s amazingly light, and is one of my favorites because of the sheen it creates. It can be used to create tousled waves, add shine, or to tame frizz.
2.  The Hamadi Organics Healing Serum: It’s also amazingly light, and adds just the right amount of saturation into the hair. It doesn’t sit on the hair like most other serums; it absorbs into the follicle, nourishing it, and allowing for easy styling. That’s the genius – it’s great for your hair, and also works beautifully.
You can use it so many ways, such as on your ends for a treatment. Or, if you have a problem with dry scalp, you can massage the serum into the scalp. If you feel like pampering yourself, it’s the perfect go-to product. The Healing Serum does it all!
3. The Hamadi Organics Shea Hair Cream: I use this to create signature looks on shoots. It creates amazing separation while styling, and it’s the perfect product for both men and women. This is the only must-have styling product I use.
4.  Dry shampoo: I love dry shampoo for the texture and body it gives hair.
5. Hairspray: I use this to give the hair shape and hold. It’s all about shape, texture, and natural beauty, and hairspray creates that effect.
SH: Favorite look you’ve ever created, and why?
JH: My favorite wearable looks are timeless, classic ones. My favorite hairstyles are the ones I did while working in Paris with Odile Gilbert’s hair team. I also love this look I created for Julianne Moore (below). I believe this style captures timeless beauty, and is very modern. 

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