Beauty Trend: Pastel Colors

Smoky eyes are always in fashion, but blending them into an array of pastel colors might seem questionable.

The 80’s came and went, and yet it seems like they have returned in 2010 with a vengeance.

Big shoulders, leggings, and animal prints are all the rage, and what better beauty look to accompany them than pastel color make-up?

Purple mascara, blue eyeliner, and peach shadow look modern and fresh on the runways for Spring/Summer 2010.

The colors may seem familiar, but the application is all new. Colors are a little more natural than Barbie, and pastel make-up seems to flatter complexions this season rather than distract.

Perhaps we are finally getting the 80’s right the second time around.




A purple and green shadow, black liner and extended lashes are ethereal at Nicole Fahri (left).

Clean and simple at Mario Schwab, the nude, monochromatic clothes get a little contrast with a light, violet eyeshadow (center).

An over-the-top bun, pink lip, and soft, pastel eyes offer a fresh approach at Ruffian (left).

A pretty girl in a preppy headband is well suited for pastel makeup at Michael Kors (center).

Diane Von Furstenberg shows off her hippie princesses with bohemian fashions, crimped hair and rainbow eye makeup (left).

Still not convinced?

Try one color and brush it under the bottom lash for a modest approach that will brighten your eyes, and get you in the summer mood.