Shellac Gel Wonder Polish

Have you stopped getting manicures because you hate chipped nails? As someone who regularly bashes her nails around and likes washing dishes without gloves, I know how you feel. I think I’ve found the solution in the form of a soak-off gel/polish hybrid.


According to the recent article in The New York Times, the nail product took five years to develop by Creative Nail Design (CND) and became available on May 1st in 2,000 spas around the States.

How does the product work? You may have tried a similar gel like Axxium or Bella Forma. The gel polish is "cured" to the nail using an ultraviolet lamp, but the procedure is pretty standard. A base coat is followed by two coats of polish and topped with a topcoat, with a break in between each layer to allow for drying.

Hard gels were available prior to the soft gel hybrid, but they were more complicated. Now, with a streamlined procedure, Shellac polishes might draw those people back into the spa who didn’t like dealing with chipping polish or overcomplicated procedures.

"For all those women out there who are not coming to the salon for a manicure right now, they are going to be coming for Shellac, and they are going to be blown away," said CND founder Jan Arnold.

There are two drawbacks: you are stuck with the color for two weeks, and the manicure is more expensive for both application and removal.

Would you try the gel hybrid, even though it could cost you 50% more to do it?

Article courtesy of Limelife.