20 Cozy/Cool Sweatshirts for Those Who Are Fashion (but Also Cold)

A Reebok hoodie sighting outside Louis Vuitton Spring 2018

A Reebok hoodie sighting outside Louis Vuitton Spring 2018; Image: Timur Emek/Getty Images

Two years ago, she who deigned to wear a Reebok hoodie sweatshirt to Paris Fashion Week closer Louis Vuitton would have gotten some serious side-eye action. Back then, no one thought a (Reebok, Champion, Fila) sweatshirt could be a fashion statement. Oh, how times have changed.

Last August, Vogue dubbed 2016 “the year of the hoodie.” And, based on our calculations, Mark Zuckerberg’s preferred means of insulation is only growing in popularity (much like its natural mate, leggings). No longer reserved for Silicon Valley-ers and overtired, UGG-wearing college students, sweatshirts are now runway regulars at Vetements, Yeezy, Fenty x Puma and Gosha Rubchinskiy. Last season, the throw-on-and-go classic also showed up at Each x Other, Baja East, Gucci, Lacoste and Stella McCartney, to name just a few.

Sweatshirts on the Spring 2018 runways. Lacoste Spring 2018, Gucci Spring 2018, Each x Other Spring 2018

Lacoste Spring 2018, Gucci Spring 2018, Each x Other Spring 2018; Images: Imaxtree

No doubt its extreme logo-ability has helped ease the sweatshirt stigma. (That, and the growing trend toward utility, comfort and faux athleticism.) Regardless, with super-cold temperatures on the horizon, we’re more than ready to slip into the most comfortable, toasty top in our wardrobe (sorry, sweaters, but wool can be itchy, unlike fleece). Per the runways and street style set, we’ll be pairing our cool sweatshirts with light denim, pajama-like pants, khakis, slip dresses (worn under or over, depending on the bulkiness of the sweatshirt), romantic dresses, skirts of all shapes and materials or — if the hem hits low and weather permits — thigh-high boots and a sly smile.

If you’ve already maxed out your credit card Black Friday shopping, head to your local big box store and treat yourself to a simple $5 pullover. (You can always dress it up.) Alternatively, dig your alma mater-repping hoodie out of your closet. School spirit is in.

Otherwise, click through the slideshow below to shop 20 of our current favorites (along with some styling tips). After all, you can never have too many cozy/cool sweatshirts.

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