How to Work With Brands Without Messing With Your Style



With years of experience in the hectic and constantly shifting fashion and lifestyle industries, as well as an Instagram account with a tidy 145k followers, business person and influencer Lisa Hyde knows a thing or two about dealing with brands in the digital age.

As part of our series with AustralianSuper, helping you kick start your creative career, Lisa brings her expertise to theFashionSpot Australia with the definitive guideline to working with brands of all sizes, whilst retaining your own image.

Working with a brand is one of the most common ways to make an income as a fashion identity, whether that be through your blog, Instagram, Snapchat or Youtube, the list just goes on!

As developing relationships and content with brands can be one of the most important ways to catapult yourself ahead in the industry, it will most likely be the area you spend most of your time building your profile. As such, you need to ensure that you make smart decisions when you dip your toes into the exciting, huge world of brand marketing.


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Maintaining a strong sense of personal style and identity is key to any successful influencer/blogger. It sounds super simple however this is where so many newbies go wrong.

My most valuable piece of advice when it comes to working with a brand is not to focus solely on how much money are you going to make. Instead, focus on how the brand will genuinely fit with yours. Ask yourself how you can deliver value to both your personal style and the brand themselves and their expected outcomes. 


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The best brands out there will not only look for someone with a following, they will collaborate with someone who resembles their style. That should also be the number one rule for you, the influencer!

Your unique style is most definitely one of the main reasons why people follow you, and ultimately it’s the reason they will love what you do with a brand.

When people know you are genuine and honest about the products you promote, your engagement and followers will continue to grow, and that my friends, will result in loyalty among not only your followers but the brands you work with. 

I always ask myself before accepting a job, “Do I genuinely love this brand and would I see myself buying their products?” If you can answer this question with a yes, then go for it!


Lisa Hyde is an ambassador, presenter and host across the fashion, travel and beauty circles and founder of Shevoke.

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