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Go Green: 43 Eco-Friendly Fashion and Beauty Products to Shop Now

If ever there was a time to go green, now would be it. Earth Day (April 22), the day on which we explicitly show love for our precious planet, is just around the corner. And though the White House’s webpage on the subject may be archived and gone, we can’t deny the reality of climate change and the dangers it presents. (Nor can House Republicans — phew.)

While the fashion industry may not deserve its rep as the second-most polluting industry on the planet, the resource-intensive trade certainly isn’t good for the environment. Still, it is possible to be both environmentally and fashion-conscious. It’s all a matter of how you buy. In an effort to help you green up your closet and your vanity, we’ve compiled a list of the best eco-friendly fashion picks from sustainable lines (some of which adhere to zero-waste design processes, some of which rely on recycled or repurposed materials) along with some top beauty selections curated from organic-savvy brands. Although there are a few high price points (can you really put a price on saving the planet?), we made sure to include a decent amount of moderately-priced items, leaving you no excuse to refrain from a little retail therapy. It really is pretty easy being green.

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