MeTail Lets You Have Cher Horowitz’s Digital Closet IRL

Image: MeTail

It's been more than 20 years since Cher Horowitz put together that famous yellow plaid outfit with her digital wardrobe app in Clueless. The concept was years before its time, and now that the technology is available, the good people at MeTail decided to harness the concept and create a digital fitting room where women can try on clothes before buying them online. 

The demo allows you to choose from a limited selection of skirts, tops, jackets, dresses, high heeled shoes and more. You can custom build your own avatar, which the program generates when you fill in your height, weight, size, skin tone and measurements. MeTail says this information allows them to create a "94-96% accurate" MeModel of your body. Once the avatar is generated, you can click "try on" and the garment appears on your model. The program also allows you to share your outfits on social media. There's also a "try the look" section which allows you to try on pre-created outfits on your MeModel. 

Also on the site is a "Cher's Closet" feature, in honor of the site's Clueless muse. They've created a selection of items, similar to what Horowitz might have had in her wardrobe, including that famous yellow plaid skirt and blazer set. They're holding a promotional competition to see who can create the best Cher; winners will receive a £500 pound shopping voucher to their favorite retailer. All you have to do is select the #ShareYourCher option on the site, provide your information and you're entered for a chance to win. 

The concept is great–people are constantly referencing Clueless, and that digital closet has haunted the dreams of many a 90s kid these past 20-odd years. But while I do appreciate the relative diversity of its main MeModel options, I couldn't help but wonder why the "Cher's Closet" models were less diverse. The regular MeModel lets you choose between six different skin tones and ethnicities, but once you get to Cher's closet, the options are cut in half. You can pick either a blonde, a brunette, or an ambiguously Latina or Middle Eastern woman. Considering Cher's BFF in the film was a black girl and the film itself was pretty diverse, you would think that perhaps they might make it possible to create a Southeast Asian or Black Cher, but I guess you can't get everything you want. Hopefully, the (rather diverse) MeTail team will correct this, and also add other ethnicities to its main MeModel options–the more the merrier!

Besides that, MeTail is definitely a useful tool for women who would like to try before they buy online… and a genius way to pass the time at the office when you're supposed to be working.

Image: MeTail