10 Closed-Toe Shoes That Won’t Leave Your Feet Feeling the Heat This Summer


Summer officially starts this weekend, but it's already starting to get really hot. Not that we're complaining. After the long, cold winter, we actually don't mind breaking a little sweat or getting a couple shades darker in the sun. Plus, a new season is a good excuse to shop. It's going to be a scorcher, and you've got to have the right footgear. Sandals? Check. Lightweight espadrilles or sneakers? Check. But when you don't want to expose your toes or keep your piggies covered in a full-coverage shoe, what do you do?

Easy. You shop for some of these shoes that give you coverage, but still allow your feet to breathe. Mesh sneakers, d'Orsay flats and laser-cut oxfords are all here to keep your toes cool and covered this season.