This is the Most Expensive Clothing You Can Buy Right Now from 8 Luxury E-Commerce Sites


Is your money burning a hole in your pocket? Eight out of six experts agree that the best way to combat chronic disposable income syndrome is to dispose of your income — preferably on something pointless, in one fell swoop. Enter luxury fashion.

Beautiful, exquisitely-crafted clothing is one thing, but sometimes high-end brands go above and beyond the call of duty with grossly indulgent offerings. Luxury fashion is meant to be aspirational, but a small number of truly over-the-top items are so expensive and so frivolous, they would make Marie Antoinette blush. 

Below, take a look at the most expensive clothing you can buy from eight top luxury fashion e-commerce platforms (restricted to womenswear). Yep, these are all shoppable online, just in case you want to throw thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars down the toilet in a matter of clicks!