Revamp Your Casual Look With These Off-the-Beaten-Path Flats

Sure the term "flat" is descriptive enough when it comes to function, but the name we give this style of shoe doesn't do it justice when it comes to form. This workhorse of many wardrobes doesn't need to be a simple bowed, black ballet. Nor does it have to be made of a classic leather upper. There are so many options to tempt your sartorial taste buds. 

For example, laser cut, basket weave and d'orsay styles are delightful. Grown-up jellies add sparkle and playfulness to the most serious looks. Metallic and hologram effects add a modern twist to classic shapes and a simple o-ring does wonders, transforming a would-be simple shoe into an edgy city-styled slipper. Go ahead and peep our picks for off-the-beaten-path flats. You'll never look at yours quite the same way again.