Show Off Your Curves with Fall’s Draped and Twisted Pieces

What's a girl to do in moments of tried and true distress about figure flattery? You know what I'm talking about: it has nothing to do with how gorgeous you actually are, and everything to do with how you're feeling. As any stylist will tell you, wearing what makes you comfortable is always the best way to make great impressions. But we can't walk around all week in sweats (nor would we want to). 

That's why you might want to have at least a few ruched and/or draped pieces in your closet. A strategic fold here, a beautiful drape there, and you'll be feeling like your old self, no matter where you're headed off to for the day.

Trust us, when we say this is a style of garment that never goes out of style, we mean it. Whether it's on a runway or not, top designers are always selling pieces like this in their stores. Donna Karan has basically built her decades-long fashion empire on draping that looks stunning and gives us mega self-confidence.

Here are 20 draped and ruched pieces to help you look and feel like a million.