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Phoenix Keating Interview: “I Owe A Lot to Lady Gaga”

PheonixKeating-theFashionSpotWe caught up with Phoenix Keating ahead of his namesake label’s showcase at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on April 14, to talk about his new collection and borderline-obsession with Lady Gaga.

“I owe a lot to Lady Gaga,” Phoenix tells us, crediting the press from two outfits she wore back in 2011 for much of his success to date. “That really took the label to the next level.” He ‘s also her number one fan, so, Gaga, if you’re reading, your mate Phoenix would love to meet you and probably get you in some of his threads again.

Lady Gaga really is the perfect fit for his label, with Phoenix telling us there’s a “feminist subtext” to his collections and that “the Phoenix Keating girl is, above all, strong.” We’re sure she’d love his new 100% ready-to-wear range, dubbed OXY, too, although it’s definitely suited for your everyday girls going about town as well.

“This season’s been about the struggle of maintaining my integrity, whilst making things more accessible to people,” Phoenix tells us. “I feel like the Phoenix Keating woman needs to be able to wear Phoenix Keating around the clock,” he adds, noting that this collection can easily go from day to night.

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

As for what’s coming next for Phoenix Keating, he hinted at a possible menswear line and that he’s been invited to show at New York Fashion Week. We think he’ll be reserving a front-row seat for his one and only Lady Gaga.