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Rad Hourani Debuts Spring 2014 Collection at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

The name Rad Hourani has become synonymous with unisex fashion. Originally hailing from Jordan, the cutting edge designer planted roots in Montreal, working as a modelling scout before moving into styling and then designing. Hurani then upped sticks to Paris where he launched his eponymous label with a view to create “sophisticated unisex modern classics for anti-conformist individuals.” And heck has he achieved that.

Rad 1

Recently debuting his Spring-Summer 2014 collection at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, Hourani once again demonstrated his penchant for futuristic silhouettes, enveloped in a flat black palette. Kimono-like skirts, leather vests and long trench coats were slung over models and flapped as they stomped, reined in only by the cinched leather belts.

Rad 2

Yahoo! News recently posted a Q&A with Hourani regarding his latest wares, whereby he divulges that his biggest inspiration is his own silhouette, Rihanna looks good in the designs and that his favourite piece is “the unisex transformable blazer. A piece that can be transformed into 14 other pieces: corset, skirt, backpack, jacket, cape, etc.”

He becomes a little haughty when asked where he was when he came up with ideas for his new collection – “I was in the universe on planet Earth”? – but hey, surely we can let a little creative eccentricity slide in this instance. Check out the photos of the Spring 2014 line and you may or may not agree, but be sure to comment about it below.

Images via ImaxTree 

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