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What do the Olson Twins, Lady Gaga, and Lily Allen have in common (besides bodyguards and enormous bank accounts?) Ear headbands. Not that I see myself following this cosplay-inspired trend, but hey — I don’t judge. So, for those of you daring enough to sport a pair, I tip my hat to your ear headbands.



The Olson Twins


Lady Gaga


Lily Allen
But seriously, you can’t follow a trend if you can’t get the goods. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some modestly priced (most of them are nauseatingly expensive) high-fashion headbands for your viewing pleasure.


Mouse Ears Headband by Benoit Missolin ($150)


Opus Mouse Ears Headpiece by A-Morir by Kerin.Rose ($120)


Mouse Ears Lace Hairband by Maison Michel ($400)


Bunny Ears Headband by Louis Vuitton ($400)


PVC Hat with Mouse Ears by Maison Michel ($140)


Skinny Black Ear Headband by Eugenia Kim ($150)



Bunny Ear Headband by Benoit Missolin ($250)

Black Cat Ear Headband ($13)


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