Breakfast in a Flash: Cranberry Razz Smoothie

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Ten years ago, I viewed the appearance of spring-like weather with nothing more than a renewed excitement for warmer days ahead. Coats became jackets, boots were swapped for ballet flats, and every pink lipstick in my beauty arsenal was moved to the top of my makeup bag. Today, the promise of higher temps still brings about all those exciting changes, in addition to one more: revealing more of my “winter body,” once safely ensconced in bulky, cold-weather clothing.

Let’s just say that Dolman-sleeve sweaters are an upper arm’s best friend.

Alas, before we know it, Canadians will be treated to our long-awaited summer, and this year, I plan on being a few steps ahead of tank top season. First and foremost, I’ve lost 20 pounds! (If you’re sick of me mentioning it, I apologize. But this is BIG news in my life, and I plan on gushing about it for a while… and then a little longer.)

Second, I’ve rediscovered physical activity. No, I haven’t joined the gym or signed up for a boot camp just yet… but I have decided that as long as I’m moving at least as often as I’m sitting, I’ve achieved a good physical balance in my life.

Finally, I’ve made breakfast a priority. Perhaps I should clarify: I’ve always enjoyed breakfast, but now, I ensure that I have a GOOD breakfast. Tons of fruit and whole grains. Low-fat dairy and lean protein. It keeps me going throughout the most hectic part of my day – morning – and gives me the fuel I need to think clearly and stay on plan.

And with almost every breakfast, I enjoy a low-calorie, low-fat and nutritionally-dense fruit smoothie. Yum!

This season, try my Cranberry Razz Smoothie. It’s made with Oasis Nutrisource, a great-tasting cranberry juice cocktail that offers an alternative to sugar and sucrose (stevia) with no compromise on fruit taste – and only 40 calories per serving. What a refreshing way to get healthy!

  • ½ cup Oasis Nutrisource Cranberry
  • 1 cup low-fat Vanilla Yogurt
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries

Mix all ingredients in blender until smooth. This smoothie is best when consumed within a half hour; after that, it may begin to separate. To increase the fibre and potassium content, feel free to add half a banana. To make this a meal, add a scoop of vanilla or strawberry-flavoured protein powder.

Of course, now that you’ve fueled up for the day, you’ll be perfectly ready to take on a shopping spree! Enter the Oasis Nutrisource Contest, where you could win 1 of 10 shopping sprees valued at $1,000 each!

So, a new season, a new healthy-eating regime AND a new wardrobe? Sounds pretty fabulous to me!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to rehydrate with a cold, refreshing drink. Did I mention that Oasis Nutrisource Cranberry is also incredible on the rocks?

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For more information, visit (Psst — don’t forget to try Wild Berry Pomegranate, another Oasis Nutrisource fruit juice cocktail with only 40 calories.)

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