25 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

You can’t buy love, but you can spend a pretty penny on an engagement ring and these high-profile couples prove just how dizzying the price of romance can be. On the red carpet, celebs are used to dripping in outrageously exorbitant jewelry, so if their man wants to make an impression when he goes down on one knee, it seems he’s gotta pony up. As the carats stack up, so do the dollars and these price tags are truly staggering. You may be surprised by some of the down-to-earth celebrities who make the bling ring, though.

Diamonds are forever but unfortunately, not all of these couples had the same staying power. At least we can still admire their dazzlingly expensive engagement rings, but beware — if you’re not blinded by the bling, you’ll definitely experience sticker shock. From Lady Gaga‘s custom heart-shaped diamond to Kate Middleton‘s royal family jewels, we’ve dug into the celebrity treasure chest to reveal 25 of the most expensive engagement rings.