How to Dress Like the Renegade Witches of ‘Salem’ in Real Life

So you wanna be a sorceress, huh? Then you better get that witch wardrobe on fleek. High Priestesses of the Old Order didn’t burn at the stake so you could Wicca your way into a casting circle with a pastel party dress and sequined bag of dreams. You’ve got an ancient reputation to uphold, sister. Haven’t you seen Salem, the supernatural thriller based on the 17th-century witch trials in colonial Massachusetts? (Silly question. Of course you have, it’s practically spawned an occult revival — and season two premieres this week!) Now there’s a group of women that know a thing or two about dressing the part. The heady combination of corset gowns, velvet riding cloaks and heirloom jewelry worn by Mary Sibley and her badass band of witches practically puts you under a spell. But since we can’t possibly traipse around in hoop skirts, we’ve adapted the look of Salem for modern-day witches who know that summoning a tempest in burnout Levi’s is just sacrilegious.

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