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Phoebe Tonkin on Her Frame Denim Film, Headbanging and Being Hangry

Phoebe Tonkin

Image: BFA

Frame Denim just launched its resort collection and to celebrate, the brand tapped Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin (who you may recognize from The Originals and The Vampire Diaries) to star in a three-part short series titled Girls in Frame. The shorts are inspired by Andy Warhol’s screen tests, which were black and white film portraits of various hip members of the late artist’s scene back in the mid-60s. Frame Denim’s play on the classic involves a little more sound (Warhol’s tests were silent) and a lot more attitude.

Director Matt Baron was tapped to direct the series, which was conceived by Frame Denim founders Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson. Phoebe was asked to portray three emotions: anger, happiness and sexiness, for the campaign, repeating the words, “Girls in Frame.” 

“I felt [conveying] all three emotions was pretty easy,” Phoebe told us of the project via email. “I am generally a happy person anyway, the sexy part I guess I can turn on in times of desperation, and if I am hungry I am most definitely angry.” Drawing on the emotions was the easy part, but it turns out executing them had its own set of challenges. Phoebe says that she listened to heavy metal to get herself in character for the “angry” role. “I head banged for a good 20 minutes like I was in a mosh pit,” she told us. “I wouldn’t say hard, just exhausting. I was rubbing tiger balm religiously on my neck for the next three days. I don’t know how the kids do it.” (more…)

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Discover the Osman x Amazon Fashion Capsule Collection

We love a good designer collaboration and this week our focus is on London-based Osman Yousefzada, who has teamed up with e-tail giant Amazon. Inspired by his love for ancient cultures and ethnicity, Osman is known for well-tailored pieces with sensual draping.

osman amazon

Images: Amazon

The limited-edition capsule collection is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and features five main pieces. There’s a sleek unisex tuxedo jacket as well as a classic black A-line skirt and a sleeveless dress, both of which are accented with contrasting pattern detailing. A party-perfect statement necklace and a festive jumper adorned with a wintry scene round out the offering. (more…)

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Benetton Takes a Stand Against Violence Towards Women in New Ad Campaign


Benetton is no stranger to provocative ads, especially those that have some sort of social or political agenda. This year, it’s focusing on violence against women, an issue affecting so many victims around the world. The clothier has linked up with the UN to deliver a campaign with a profound message: an image picturing a woman sitting in the center of a circle of men who are “stoning” her with petals. 

Benetton’s ads have drummed up plenty of controversy in the past. The UnHate campaign from 2011 pictured world leaders kissing each other on the lips, which ruffled more than a few feathers, particularly those of the Catholic church. One ad showed Pope Benedict XVI kissing Sheikh Ahmad Muhammad Al-Tayyeb, which the Vatican promptly called to be removed. 

This new campaign was created in tandem with the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which takes place today. Benetton brings the campaign to life in a 30-second spot added to its UnHate news website, through which users can submit the types of news stories they’d like to hear about.

Watch the powerful spot below. 

[via WWD, Marketing]

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Vogue Japan’s January Cover with Sasha Pivovarova Fails to Impress (Forum Buzz)

We’d assume magazines would want a fresh start for the new year. Vogue Japan evidently doesn’t agree and continues to give us the same old, same old with its most recent installment. Sasha Pivovarova fronts the magazine’s first issue of the upcoming year with not an ounce of excitement. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, the legendary French lensman captured the Russian beauty wearing a dress from Giorgio Armani that was chosen by Giovanna Battaglia. Are you impressed?

Vogue Japan January 2015 Sasha Pivovarova


Members of our forums aren’t showing much enthusiasm. “How awkward is that pose?” questioned MON.

“The contrast between her and the background is too much, the dress is awful, only like her face and hair, the rest is rubbish,” complained Nymphaea.

Marc10 noticed something odd and commented, “There’s a Mona Lisa thing going on, like she’s looking at you but not really? Weird.”

“Ugly, I’m so bored to death that VJ is always using the white background, on every cover,” ranted an uninterested burbuja8910.

A few posts later, our forum members also noticed a resemblance between Sasha and Sarah Jessica Parker. “My mind keeps expecting to see Sarah Jessica Parker’s face, it must be the hair,” added tigerrouge.  

Sharing the same opinion was fluxxx: “Me too! She looks like SJP at the first glance, I guess it’s the hair and pose. Very Cosmopolitan magazine though LOL.”

“OMG such a bad start for 2015!” gazebo simply stated.

Are you completely underwhelmed with Vogue Japan’s January 2015 cover too? Await the contents of the issue inside the thread and be sure to join the discussion here.

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The New York Times’ Fashion Director Vanessa Friedman Sounds Off

Vanessa Friedman

Image: Getty

If there’s one person you can count on to be a straight shooter in the fashion industry, it’s Vanessa Friedman. The New York Times fashion director and chief style critic recently sat down with Paper‘s Mickey Boardman to talk John Galliano, bad reviews and more in her signature tell-it-like-it-is style. Here are the highlights:

On bad reviews: “If you aren’t willing to say when something doesn’t work, then when you say it does work it doesn’t mean anything.”

On designers’ reactions to her reviews: “I’ve been spoken to — politely. And disagreed with. But it’s never resulted in anything more than that…Mr. Armani spoke to me once.”

On fashion’s high-intensity production schedule: “Whatever you think of Gaultier ending his RTW, the idea that you would be like, ‘Hey, I’m just not going to do this anymore’ is an interesting idea.”

On diversity in the industry: “I think it’s also that when people get into power who are representatives of minorities, that’s when the situation shifts.”

On John Galliano: “He could have said, ‘I’m going to open my own house and I’m going to do made-to-order garments for certain women. I’m just going to be super special and protective of my own mental health and reputation and everything.’ Fashion probably would’ve loved that and applauded him. So I feel like, in a way, there was this chance to do something really daring and use his history and all the mess to kind of produce something really different. But he didn’t take that.”

[via Paper]

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See Who Vogue Paris Tapped to Guest Edit Its December/January Issue (Forum Buzz)

Our forum members have been speculating for weeks about the guest editor for Vogue Paris’ annual Christmas issue and we finally have our answer. Inès de La Fressange takes over and stars on two covers for the double-issue, both lensed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Styled by Emmanuelle Alt, the 57-year-old Parisian appears in a nude black and white image for the first cover, while on the second, Inès personifies true Parisian style in a black leather trench.

Vogue Paris December 2014 January 2015 Ines de la Fressange


Of course, the minute the cover surfaced, our forum members began to deliberate. “How gorgeous, just perfect! Excited to see what she did with the issue,” enthused Miss Dalloway, who got us off to a positive start.

“I like this a lot. Especially how the layout complements the image,” complimented kokobombon.

Also impressed was Zelda Zonk, who commented, “Wow, so great to see her on the cover of Vogue Paris, I wasn’t expecting it at all! It’s a very beautiful cover.”

But have Mert and Marcus gone too far with the retouching? “Indeed a very pleasant surprise to see her, but I really wish it was shot by someone like Inez & Vinoodh or even Testino. Someone that would make her look her age. Mert & Marcus’ retouching is always unappealing to me,” wrote Marc10.

“Great seeing Inès here, but they’ve completely Photoshopped all the character that made her such a unique and stunning model. Yes, she still looks great, but doesn’t really look like her,” agreed justaguy.

“I mean it’s Photoshopped within an inch of its life (but that’s M&M for you) however I think it’s a pretty stunning cover. It’s very classic,” credited Cosmic Voices.

Sharing the same sentiments was honeycombchild: “Beautiful cover but I’m with the comments about M&M’s retouching. We’ve got to a horrible point in our culture where you’re simply not allowed to look your age in magazines, regardless of how beautiful you are, like Inès. It’s scary and sad, should be a proud thing to look fantastic for your age, not some morphed thirty-year-old smooth version of yourself.”

Check out the thread and view both covers in full for yourself. Which is your favorite? Tell us inside the thread here.