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Jennifer Aniston Says Being Makeup-Free Is ‘Empowering and Liberating’

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

As long as there are red carpet events people will never not be curious as to what celebrities look like without makeup. Jennifer Aniston was photographed bare-faced on the set of Cake in April, sporting a mousy brown bob. It’s no glamour shot, but Aniston admits that she wasn’t at all embarrassed by getting caught without her “face” on. In fact, she celebrates it.

The actress said that the experience, wearing no makeup for the movie was “so fabulous—so dreamy and empowering and liberating.” Aniston’s character in Cake suffered injuries from a car crash, so her body is covered in scars, which was the only kind of makeup Aniston applied through the film. 

As of late, a few members of the celeb set have really been embracing the natural look. Keira Knightley posed topless for Interview because she wanted the world to see her body, unaltered by Photoshop. Kerry Washington appears on the November cover of Allure sporting a beauty look that seemed so natural, people thought she was makeup-free. 

[via Us Weekly]

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‘Feminist’ T-Shirt Not Sweatshop Made, Says Women’s Rights Group

Image: Whistles

Image: Whistles

British contemporary brand Whistles came under fire this week for allegedly selling sweatshop-made feminist T-shirts. Reports claimed that the tops, reading, “This is what a feminist looks like,” were made by underpaid workers in Mauritius at 99 cents (62p) an hour. The Fawcett Society, a UK women’s rights activism group jumped at the opportunity to investigate these accusations. After all, what kind of feminist company would pay its workers so little, knowing the struggles of women all over the world to close the gender pay gap?

The Daily Mail says Fawcett conducted an investigation and found that (thankfully) the T-shirts, which were made in conjunction with ELLE magazine, were indeed not produced under the alleged shoddy conditions. “We have been particularly pleased to receive evidence that 100% of workers are paid above the government-mandated minimum wage and all workers are paid according to their skills and years of service,” the organization said. “The standard working week is 45 hours, and workers are compensated (at a higher rate of pay) for any overtime worked, there is a high retention of staff and employees are offered training and development.”

Now, this assessment is based off the evidence Whistles offered in regards to the accusations, so Fawcett will do another probe to verify that the information they’ve been given is completely correct. But for now, it seems that the whole situation was much ado about nothing. We’ll be watching closely to see if Fawcett was correct in its initial findings. After all, besides feeling sick at the thought of garment workers being taken advantage of in such a way, we would hate to have to boycott one of our favorite brands.

So, feminists across the globe, feel free to shill out the $85!

[via Daily Mail]

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Watch: Vogue UK Visits Kate Moss at Home

Kate Moss is finishing up the year as Vogue U.K.’s contributing editor, so fellow contributor Kate Phelan took a trip to the model’s house to talk about the magazine’s latest issue. Moss graces the cover for the second time this year and put together a feature for the magazine titled “Kate’s World” showcasing a series of photographs and musings capturing her signature style. 

The spread also gives a glimpse into Moss’ personal life, including portraits of friends and family taken by legendary shutterbug David Bailey. Moss also shares an image of the Playboy bunny ears she kept from the magazine’s 40th anniversary shoot. “It’s the same woman that’s been making them for 60 years,” Moss explains. “And they are incredibly made.”

Watch above as the pair thumb through the latest issue, and hear the stories behind the photos.

[via British Vogue YouTube]

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Rose McGowan Says Gay Men Are Misogynists

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Rose McGowan has ruffled some feathers among LGBTQ allies today after her harsh criticism of the gay male community hit airwaves. Rose aired her frustrations with gay men on Bret Easton Ellis’ podcast last month. The pair discussed this summer’s boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, who just enacted anti-gay policies in his state. While the actress maintains that she’s been “heavily entrenched” in the gay community, she takes issue with gay men’s lack of concern for women, seeing it as very hypocritical. 

“You wanna talk about the fact that I have heard nobody in the gay community, no gay males, standing up for women on any level?” she said. “Gay men are as misogynistic as straight men, if not more so. I have an indictment of the gay community right now, I’m actually really upset with them.” Rose says that, in her eyes, gay men don’t take a stand against aspects of Sharia law that affect women.

“I think it’s what happens to you as a group when you are starting to get most of what you fought for. What do you do now? What I would hope they would do is extend a hand to women. Women, by-and-large, have very much helped the gay community get to where they are today.” (more…)

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Good Luck Buying Any Alexander Wang x H&M Online – the Site’s Already Crashed

Image: Mikael Jansson, H&M

Image: Mikael Jansson, H&M

Today, the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration launched in stores and online. If you’re trying to get your hands on anything from the range, we hope you’ve either been standing outside H&M the past few hours, or are standing in line right now, because you’re going to have a tough time buying anything online. This morning, we tried logging on to the retailer’s website, and instead we were greeted with an error message – and we weren’t surprised at all.

“We have a lot of visitors on the site right now. This is due to the high level of interest in our latest collection,” the message reads. H&M promises it’s working to get the site back up and running for the rest of us looking to snap up a criscross sports bra and boxer shorts with “WANG” emblazoned across the front. We just hope they generously stocked the collection because this error message does not bode well for your chances of rolling through your boxing class next week with a brand new pair of Wang-branded gloves.

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 10.27.07 AM

Oh, and if you got the message in the middle of shopping, before checking out, note that the items will not be reserved until you actually make the purchase.

[via H&M]

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Nicki Minaj Works Mario Testino’s Lens for V Magazine’s Winter 2014 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Despite it being the Winter 2014 issue, V Magazine gives us a cover full of fun and sunshine. Nicki Minaj is photographed by Mario Testino under clear blue skies, on location in the grounds of a luxurious mansion. Standing with a stone statue, Nicki works Testino’s lens wearing a skimpy red dress from Guess, a pair of Jimmy Choo heels and dons a red beret to top it all off. It’s something different, right?

V Magazine Winter 2014 Nicki Minaj Mario Testino


Members of theFashionSpot forums show mixed reactions to Nicki’s rare cover appearance. “The photo is good but not for a cover,” proclaims testinofan, not getting the thread off to a very positive start.

“Agreed! None of the shots are cover worthy. This shoot seems more suited to the old OTT Nicki, not this new neutered version,” replies Benn98.

Not taking much notice of Nicki’s presence, DutchHomme writes, “The background is breathtaking.”

Also questioning the cover is A.D.C. who comments, “I literally can no longer stand Testino’s photography.”

“Testino does David Lachapelle. I love the image, but it feels forced,” adds TREVOFASHIONISTO.

Kokobombon comes to V‘s defense: “I actually like it, this is very V imo. And for once Testino´s over-Photoshoped pics are working, she looks like a plastic doll which works for her persona.”

Miss Dalloway shares the same enthusiastic attitude and raves, “I enjoy her ridiculous! This is so much fun.”

Check out a preview of Nicki’s cover story inside the thread and share your own opinion with us here.