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Rachel Weisz Helps British Harper’s Bazaar Keep Its Winning Streak Going With Two Gorgeous June 2020 Covers

Given current events, we almost forgot spring has sprung. We miss going outside terribly, but luckily British Harper’s Bazaar has us covered. The mag transports us to the idyllic gardens of Arboretum State Park with its June 2020 cover shoot starring Rachel Weisz. The title has been riding a wave of success lately having given us delightful Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Léa Seydoux covers. Now Rachel is back on the cover three years after her last appearance wearing Chanel (picked by Miranda Almond) for the subscribers’ cover (below) and newsstand alternative (after the jump) both photographed by Pamela Hanson.

UK Harper's Bazaar June 2020 : Rachel Weisz by Pamela Hanson


The covers immediately caught the attention of our forum members. “Oh this is stunning!” exclaimed MON.

“Rachel is so darn gorgeous, it’s insane,” admired bluestar.

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“Another absolute win of a cover for British Harper’s Bazaar (despite the unnecessary floral overlay) and will never shun a cover appearance from Rachel Weisz. She’s a true beauty, photographs like a dream and looks fabulous in Chanel. The subscribers’ cover is just as gorgeous as the newsstand, certainly appreciate those vibrant colors and the idyllic garden location during lockdown,” raved vogue28.

In the same frame of mind was liberty33r1b: “Gorgeous covers.”

But for some, all those flowers proved to be too much. “Seems like such a waste to layer all those effects on a perfectly stunning image! Without that it could have been one of Rachel’s strongest covers yet after her 2012 one for British Vogue,” noted Benn98.

“Why layer on more flowers?” echoed 8eight.

UK Harper's Bazaar June 2020 : Rachel Weisz by Pamela Hanson


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Dakota Johnson Stars on Marie Claire’s Summer 2020 Cover

All eyes have been on American Marie Claire of late now that Aya Kanai is officially at the helm. Kanai seems to have settled into the new role nicely having kick-started her tenure with a pair of Gisele Bündchen covers and delivered Megan Thee Stallion last month. Dakota Johnson is Kanai’s latest cover conquest as the actress stars on the mag’s Summer 2020 issue photographed by Steven Pan. Taking a break from reading a good book, she sports a look from Fendi’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection for the cover image.

US Marie Claire Summer 2020 : Dakota Johnson by Steven Pan


Members of our forums were divided over the cover. “I like the concept and the cropping of the image because it’s not something we normally see on covers. Someone lounging reading a book. Everything else is really quite offensive. The cheap-looking wig, the ‘styling’ and that new aggressive font,” declared Benn98.

“Did she style this herself because of the lockdown and make a dress out of a duvet?” asked mikel.

“Just no. But mostly no because of the awful fonts,” Srdjan called out.

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“I actually don’t hate the font or color scheme, but whose face is that? I thought fashion had evolved past the point of Photoshopping beyond recognition. It’s a pass from me,” said Annie Hall.

“I love this!” disagreed Handbag Queen.

Forum member vogue28 shared the same sentiment: “Always been partial to Dakota Johnson and certainly don’t think this is the worst magazine cover I’ve seen her on. The colors are nice for a summer cover and I’m quite fond of the styling and whole setup, which I find even more fitting considering most of us are at home right now.”

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Billie Eilish Strikes a Pose on Vogue China’s June 2020 Cover

Billie Eilish is the fashion industry’s new darling and just about every major fashion glossy has endorsed the American talent within the last year, including American Vogue, Australian Vogue, V Magazine and ELLE. The latest title to jump on the Billie bandwagon is Vogue China with the mag giving its June 2020 cover to the Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter. Shot by Nick Knight, Billie poses decked out in Burberry courtesy of stylist Daniela Paudice.

Vogue China June 2020 : Billie Eilish by Nick Knight


Billie’s latest didn’t exactly receive a standing ovation, though. “Why does she always look like she’s about to fall asleep? Is that her ‘thing’? Fed up with seeing this girl everywhere. And the styling is horrendous,” critiqued Benn98 the moment the cover dropped.

“Billie Eilish for Madame Tussauds. She no longer excites me,” said MON.

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“I like Billie, but the more exposure she gets in fashion, the less she appeals to me. I don’t like this and I don’t think her personal style (although the message behind it is very sweet) is worthy of all this embrace by the industry,” aracic chimed in.

“This is tiresome already. And I’m not charmed in the least. She’s boring,” proclaimed dfl-001.

But dodencebt was very much a fan: “Billie is a gorgeous, talented girl and this cover is one of the best Vogue China has produced in a while, if you ask me.”

“I quite like it. I’m surprised her signature long neon nails weren’t part of the picture,” Cute pointed out.

Are you a fan? Check out Billie’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Hiandra Martinez Stuns on Vogue Russia’s Trio of May 2020 Covers

Some of our favorite fashion glossies are helping take our minds off the current pandemic. Magazines like British Vogue and Vogue Paris opted to publish pre-pandemic material. Now Vogue Russia is delivering some relief, too. The publication created three utterly stunning May 2020 covers featuring Hiandra Martinez. Captured by Txema Yeste, the current face of Michael Kors is surrounded by nature for the three covers wearing looks from Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana along with Bottega Veneta and Bulgari accessories.

Vogue Russia May 2020 : Hiandra Martinez by Txema Yeste


Our forum members absolutely approved. “OMG, these are stuuuuuuuunning. That shot in the water is beyond sublime. Hiandra is such an underrated star, glad to see her getting her break,” applauded Riseup.

“Wow stunning covers, so happy for Hiandra. So well deserved…” fer19dog chimed in.

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Vogue Russia, you’re doing amazing sweetie,” approved aracic.

Forum member bluestar is definitely a fan: “All three covers are stunning! I especially love the first and third covers. Great job Vogue Russia!”

“I’m always impressed by Txema’s work, I love him. This is a great set of covers!” voiced Valentine27.

“I love Txema’s work. Stunning covers,” agreed avonlea002.

Vogue Russia May 2020 : Hiandra Martinez by Txema Yeste


GERGIN described Hiandra’s accompanying cover feature as “breathtaking.” See if you agree and join the conversation here.

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Nicole Kidman Appears Angelic on WSJ. Magazine’s Beautiful and Serene May 2020 Cover

We’re always able to rely on WSJ. Magazine at any given moment. Kristina O’Neill continues to raise the bar and as a result, we’ve encountered a plethora of superb covers featuring Selena Gomez, Adut Akech and Binx Walton in a few short months. Now Nicole Kidman is the mag’s May 2020 cover star. The Aussie actress looks angelic sporting a head full of blond curls and a white Jil Sander dress for the beautiful, soft and serene shot captured by Bibi Borthwick. What more could we ask for?

WSJ Magazine May 2020 : Nicole Kidman by Bibi Borthwick


Members of our forums were delighted. “WSJ. Magazine, Porter, M Le magazine du Monde…all such unexpected and random fashion publications that put Vogue, Bazaar and the like to shame issue after issue. Unexpected, unconventional and beautiful. I like it!” declared aracic.

“I love it! Gorgeous shot!” praised jorgepalomo.

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Also in love with the outcome was vogue28: “WSJ. Magazine restores my faith in magazines, cover after cover. Kristina O’Neill allows the team to produce such beautiful cover stories with their subjects, often taking them out of their comfort zones or just amplifying their natural beauty and this with Nicole is no exception.”

“I could never tire of Nicole Kidman, this is lovely,” admired KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I envy anyone who buys this magazine each month, amazing,” ivano chimed in.

Do you love the cover as much as we do? See more and share your thoughts here.

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Carey Mulligan Transports Us to Paris With InStyle’s June 2020 Covers

You’re about to see a whole lot more of Carey Mulligan this month. Fresh off the cover of Vogue Australia, the British actress also pops up on InStyle for June 2020. Captured during Paris Fashion Week just before shelter-in-place orders came down, Carey wears a red one-shoulder Carolina Herrera number on the newsstand cover (below), while donning head-to-toe Givenchy near the Eiffel Tower for the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump) both shot by Horst Diekgerdes.

US InStyle June 2020 : Carey Mulligan by Horst Diekgerdes


“I like the first cover. It’s a bit on the simple side, but it works for her. A phrase which pretty much sums up InStyle in general. The second one is terrible. The proportions of that dress are wrong for her height and the backdrop looks fake,” said Benn98.

“I like the first cover, she looks pretty and interesting and I don’t normally think that about her on other covers,” wrote kokobombon.

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“It’s a pretty cover, there’s something classic 2000s U.S. Vogue about it,” Srdjan pointed out.

Sharing the same enthusiasm toward the newsstand cover was vogue28: “The newsstand cover has an intimate quality which I like, it’s almost like I’m sitting across the table from her in a quaint Parisian bistro. Also a fan of how well the red Carolina Herrera dress looks against Carey’s pale complexion and the red lip.”

“The first cover is OK, nothing exciting. Her face looks mid-expression or like she was about to say something. Kinda awkward. The second cover though is terrible. The outfit is questionable to begin with, but it’s so wrong for her. It overpowers her and makes her look short,” added MyNameIs.

US InStyle June 2020 : Carey Mulligan by Horst Diekgerdes


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