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Mica Argañaraz and Natasja Madsen Rock Louis Vuitton on Vogue Paris’ July 2020 Covers

Nothing can stop Emmanuelle Alt — not even the global pandemic. After all, it’s been business as usual over at Vogue Paris. First, there was that pair of dazzling Gigi and Bella Hadid covers for May/June. Now the mag delights yet again for July 2020. The French fashion bible gives us two more covers with Mica Argañaraz serving Gia Carangi realness while rocking a double denim look from Louis Vuitton photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg (below). Henrik Purienne was enlisted to capture the alternative (after the jump), which features Natasja Madsen sporting an enviable golden tan and a pair of Louis Vuitton bikini bottoms.

Vogue Paris July 2020 : Mica Argañaraz by Nathaniel Goldberg & Natasja Madsen by Henrik Purienne


Both covers received nothing but praise on our forums. “Emmanuelle Alt and Vogue Paris can’t be bothered by what’s happening. I’m here for it,” heralded MON.

“Once again, Emmanuelle Alt has hit the nail on the head and deserves a round of applause. This pandemic is a true testament to these editors (and the industry as a whole), but Alt has produced Vogue Paris with an effortless ease here. Neither of these covers compromise the typical Vogue Paris aesthetic,” raved vogue28.

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“I love it! Mica looks gorgeous,” said jorgepalomo.

“I love this and love that they went with Mica,” approved Miss Dalloway.

“It’s so refreshing to see Mica smiling and in a different context than what we are used to see her in. I like it. Reminds me of Gia Carangi,” FashionMuseDior pointed out.

Forum member lauralynn025 was a fan, too. “I love both of them! The second is kind of giving me an early 2000s summer vibe. Love it!”

“I hesitate which one to buy…I like both. The hair and smile of Mica’s cover and the sultriness of the second one…” shared Xone.

Vogue Paris July 2020 : Mica Argañaraz by Nathaniel Goldberg & Natasja Madsen by Henrik Purienne


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Christy Turlington, Ashley Graham and Others Are ‘Voices of Hope’ for the Latest Edition of Harper’s Bazaar

The American edition of Harper’s Bazaar has definitely been a topic of conversation on our forums lately. Especially since Glenda Bailey announced her departure and Samira Nasr took the reins. We’ve been obviously anticipating the magazine’s answer to the global pandemic and the wait is finally over. For Summer 2020, the mag treats us to six covers celebrating “Voices of Hope”. Christy Turlington, Allyson Felix, Ashley Graham, Representative Lauren Underwood, Dr. Leana Wen along with Melissa DeRosa were all photographed over Zoom by Mario Sorrenti.

US Harper’s Bazaar Summer 2020 by Mario Sorrenti


The covers clearly came as a surprise to our forum members. “This isn’t American Harper’s Bazaar for me. As much as I hated Glenda, I must admit I’m already nostalgic for her overly-airbrushed, text-stacked, busy covers…” commented aracic.

“None of the images have the precision you’d expect from a cover shot. Everything looks a little off — awkward posing, clothes that don’t fit and several wouldn’t even make the cut as holiday snaps,” said tigerrouge.

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“I am not impressed. I find the covers boring. There’s nothing distinctive about them. Might as well be a random Vogue or a newspaper from IKEA,” scoffed avonlea002.

“The commercial glamour I’ve come to associate with Harper’s Bazaar is totally absent here. But this was shot during a lockdown and global pandemic and it’s several steps above what more respected magazines have been releasing so I’ll take it,” declared KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Finally a change has arrived at U.S. Harper’s Bazaar, love this!” praised Miss Dalloway.

US Harper’s Bazaar Summer 2020 by Mario Sorrenti


Which cover is your favorite? Sound off and share your thoughts here.

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Vogue Germany’s July/August 2020 Cover Features a Hermes Scarf Blowing in the Wind

We’ve made it abundantly clear over recent months that Vogue Germany isn’t our favorite magazine on the market. After all, the mag failed to celebrate the vast majority of its 40th anniversary in style last year and covers starring Hailey Bieber, Helen Mirren and Toni Garrn haven’t cut it in 2020. Given the current pandemic, publications are scrambling for content with Vogue Germany enlisting photographer Julia Noni to capture the cover solo for its double July/August issue. The image consists of a portrait of a Hermes scarf blowing in the wind on a beach in Normandy, France.

Vogue Germany July/August 2020 by Julia Noni


The outcome fell (mostly) flat on our forums, however. “Looks like a rejected Hermes campaign,” declared phungnam96.

“An unremarkable image, made even more unremarkable by the hideous layout,” added mikel.

“Can we finally drop all these boring gimmicks now and go back to fashion please? It’s not interesting anymore,” remarked an underwhelmed aracic.

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Forum member niknak wasn’t impressed: “I understand the world has been turned upside down, but I can’t deal with any more of these humdrum summer covers. They are so drab and depressing to look at.”

“The only one who is happy with this is Hermes. This is lazy,” disapproved Nymphaea.

But kokobombon actually admired the cover. “It has sort of a post-apocalyptic fashiony vibe that I’m loving. The tagline ‘longing for summer’ fits the current mood…”

“I must say this might be the first Vogue cover during the pandemic which I enjoy,” shared Alien Sex Friend.

A hit or miss? Share your thoughts and check out the contents of the issue here.

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Cate Blanchett Collaborates With Artist Fiona Lowry on Vogue Australia’s June/July 2020 Cover

Vogue Australia sure loves Cate Blanchett. So it should come as no surprise to see the Aussie fashion bible turn to its favorite face during such uncertain times. The mag welcomes the established actress to its double June/July 2020 edition (three years after her last appearance). Riding out the lockdown at her English residence, Cate teamed up with renowned Australian artist Fiona Lowry on the other side of the world to produce a truly serene painting made from a photograph for the cover image.

Vogue Australia June/July 2020 : Cate Blanchett by Fiona Lowry


Our forum members certainly weren’t thrilled with the cover. “Vogue Australia has transformed itself into one of the most pretentious editions out there,” said MON the second the cover surfaced.

“Edwina McCann is so lost. She thinks she’s a god. This magazine is bullsh*t,” voiced caioherrero.

“I find it pointless. If you are doing a painting for a cover, it’s better to go with stylized anatomy/graphic style as opposed to realism. It always ends up looking like a badly edited photo,” critiqued avonlea002.

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Benn98 wasn’t much of an admirer: “This is quite disappointing, everything really. Layout, image and that corny pose.”

“My god, how do you receive this painting and go, yes, this is our cover?!” wondered a dumbfounded Miss Dalloway.

“Out of all the artists they could’ve gone with, they chose Fiona Lowry, whose sepia painting style does not match the Vogue brand one bit,” dodencebt pointed out.

“As much as I love Cate Blanchett and how she’s the perfect candidate for an Australian Vogue cover, I find the outcome extremely questionable. This, in comparison to David Downton’s illustrated covers for the 50th anniversary issue, is laughable,” added vogue28.

Are you a fan? Share your thoughts on Vogue Australia’s latest here.

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Margarita Gambles’ Summery British ELLE July 2020 Cover Gives Us a Serious Case of Wanderlust

Magazines are our escape from the real world. Especially with everything going on right now. Thankfully, it’s been business as usual at Vogue Paris, Vogue Hong Kong and WSJ. Magazine. Now we can add British ELLE to that list with the publication whisking us away to a Moroccan beach for July 2020. Margarita Gambles was snapped by Victor Demarchelier and styled by Jenny Kennedy for the German ELLE reprint. The model makes us long for a summer vacation as she poses under the warm sunshine decked out in a look from Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2020 collection.

UK Elle July 2020 : Margarita Gambles by Victor Demarchelier


Members of our forums weren’t exactly happy with the outcome. “Farrah Storr took this magazine back to 2007 with REPRINTS!” scolded MON the moment the cover dropped.

“The finished cover looks so dated! There were loads of other options they could’ve gone with,” Benn98 chimed in.

In complete agreement was caioherrero: “Why are they doing this? ELLE U.K. was going up in sales with Anne-Marie Curtis. Why do they want to kill the magazine?”

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“It feels like they’re just churning out a print product in order to keep the brand name alive in order to use it for event marketing,” said tigerrouge.

“This Demarchelier story is also in French ELLE. British ELLE has lost so much of its own spirit…and that’s sad. So many magazines look the same now…” voiced EricGallais.

But vogue28 disagreed with the majority. “I have ZERO issue with a magazine reprinting content given the current situation… This cover is by no means offensive. It oozes that quintessential ELLE aesthetic, can appreciate the beach setting during this lockdown period, love the Louis Vuitton dress and it’s nice to see some diversity on the cover of British ELLE.”

“It’s a pretty cover, even with the baggy outfit. I love the soft sunlight,” admired Srdjan.

Check out the accompanying cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Kylie Jenner Alongside Her Daughter Stormi and Eva Herzigova Land Vogue Czechoslovakia Covers

Since conventional photoshoots are no longer feasible, magazines are relying on alternative measures to generate cover images. Take Vogue Czechoslovakia and its latest set of covers. Cover one (below) features Kylie Jenner and her adorable daughter Stormi captured via FaceTime by Luca and Alessandro Morelli. Eva Herzigova stars on cover two (after the jump) wearing a white Valentino number during lockdown in Italy shot by Laura Sciacovelli.

Vogue Czechoslovakia July 2020 : Eva Herzigova, Kylie Jenner & Stormi


The covers immediately sparked debate on our forums. “Why do they think it’s a good idea to have two covers with no consistency? Also can we talk about how cringey the captions are?” asked 0st3nd.

“Kylie Jenner shot by the Morelli brothers, doesn’t get any tackier than that, does it? Scraping the bottom of the barrel. I like Eva’s cover, but without the tired, voluminous Valentino. I’m sure the only reason she’s posing like that is to show off the look, if she was just sitting there it would look like a pile of white fabric,” Benn98 chimed in.

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“MISERABLE!” declared an unimpressed Srdjan.

Also not feeling the covers was vogue28: “I’m all for Vogue covers reflecting current times, but Eva Herzigova’s cover does nothing for me, despite the whole concept of being at home reflecting everyone’s circumstances right now. It’s just far too dull, depressing and miserable.”

“I actually like Kylie’s cover, although I’m really starting to view Stormi as an accessory to her now. I’m guessing she’s a muse to the Morelli brothers. They seem to photograph all of her mainstream covers. I would be here for Eva’s cover, but the hands throw it off for me,” critiqued Summer Day.

“What’s Kylie doing on Vogue CS? It’s not that bad though, little Stormi is too adorable for me to hate it!” voiced aracic.

Vogue Czechoslovakia July 2020 : Eva Herzigova, Kylie Jenner & Stormi


Which cover do you prefer? Share your thoughts here.