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Adut Akech Stars on Vogue Japan’s Controversial November 2019 Cover

Adut Akech is one of the most in-demand models right now. She scored a grand total of four Vogue September covers (including Japan, British, Germany and Italy) and walked in multiple shows during fashion month. So we aren’t at all surprised to see Adut make a grand return to the cover of Vogue Japan. This time the current face of Miu Miu, Zara, Bottega Veneta, Valentino and Missoni is decked out in Comme des Garçons (courtesy of Sissy Vian) for the November 2019 offering photographed by Albert Watson.

Vogue Japan November 2019 : Adut Akech by Albert Watson


But our forum members had some serious questions. “I’m getting racist undertones, like the styling is meant to make her face disappear or something. I don’t know, it’s making me uncomfortable,” voiced kokobombon straight away.

“Not intended to offend anyone, but why does this remind me of a racist cult?” asked phungnam96.

“It looks like an inverse color shot of the Ku Klux Klan,” added tigerrouge.

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Phuel shared the same sentiment: “This very dark shadow on shadow imagery is one of Albert’s gorgeous signature styles, but sadly doesn’t work here. Admittedly, dressing a Black model in a large, pointy hood is a tad tone-deaf. But their fashion director is pretty much tone-deaf when it comes to any semblance of style.”

“Adut’s face is sublime and Watson is one of my all-time favorite photographers. But this stylist should be thrown into a volcano,” stated dfl-001.

Not everyone was offended, however. “I like it, very witchy! Bring on Halloween,” proclaimed russianelf.

“I guess I am the only one here who likes it,” said Ed..

Be sure to check out Adut’s cover feature and join the debate here.

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The Kardashian-Jenner Clan Land CR Fashion Book’s 2019 Fall/Winter Cover

CR Fashion Book has been on a very slippery slope of late and with Carine Roitfeld announcing she’s changing her role at the publication, we aren’t hopeful for a return to form in the near future. Not even Cynthia Erivo, Gigi Hadid and Lily-Rose Depp covers have sufficed over recent years. Now it’s the Kardashian-Jenners’ turn. The first family of reality TV pose together for a family portrait shot by Heji Shin. Styled by Ron Hartleben, the clan is decked out in custom Mugler with matriarch Kris Jenner going solo for the alternative black and white cover (after the jump).

CR Fashion Book #15 F/W 2019 : The Kardashians by Heji Shin


Neither cover appealed to our forum members. “See, it’s covers like these that tell me that Carine would be no better than Glenda [Bailey] as EIC of Harper’s Bazaar. The Kardashians on your cover in 2019? Grasping at straws!” called out Benn98.

“I doubt the people who are into them would even know or care enough about this magazine to spend $15 on an E! promo-looking cover,” mocked Melancholybaby.

“This is revolting and they look ridiculous. Those poor Mugler pieces!” declared Nomar.

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“How utterly desperate and irrelevant is Carine… This Us Weekly cover is a new low for her (if that was even possible),” jjjmmm chimed in.

Also unimpressed was dodencebt: “What the hell is this? I can’t believe this is the same CR Fashion Book from a few years ago. It looks like a TV Guide cover.”

“I often like Kim on a cover, but this just looks like a straight promo for the TV series, but arranged in an awkward manner. It looks like they’ve shot them in separate groups of three, then superimposed one image beside the other. U.S. Cosmopolitan gives us better Kardashian covers than this,” added tigerrouge.

CR Fashion Book #15 F/W 2019 : The Kardashians by Heji Shin


A new low for the mag? Share your thoughts and await more from the issue here.

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Jourdan Dunn Stars on British Vogue’s Serene November 2019 Cover

Edward Enninful is definitely keeping us on our toes. His unexpected cover choices for British Vogue have reinvigorated the mag. Kaia Gerber, Karlie Kloss, Zoë Kravitz, Madonna, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell have all landed covers. Now the British fashion bible welcomes back Jourdan Dunn for November 2019. (It’s hard to believe Dunn’s last appearance was four years ago.) Shot by Nick Knight and styled by Enninful, Dunn was photographed on location in Richmond Park (a refreshing change from the mag’s usual studio setting) wearing a silk emerald creation from Chanel’s Fall 2019 Haute Couture collection.

UK Vogue November 2019 : Jourdan Dunn by Nick Knight


The majority of our forum members loved the outcome. “This is a gorgeous cover. Edward keeps winning 2019,” applauded mepps.

“Thrilled for Jourdan; she was always my favorite when I first got into fashion magazines so I’m so excited to see her on the cover of Vogue again,” added LastNight.

“What a fantastic shot… Edward is making me believe in magazines again,” proclaimed Miss Dalloway.

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But the cover wasn’t for everyone. “Jourdan is gorgeous. I’d like to see her more often. But that cover is unbalanced. The background is overexposed and Jourdan is underexposed. It doesn’t work,” pointed out an underwhelmed dfl-001.

“I’m not feeling it. Jourdan is pure perfection, but this is such an odd shot for a cover, it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe if the layout was different or they used different colors or just something…” commented aracic.

“I got really excited when I read ‘Jourdan Dunn by Nick Knight’ but I don’t like this one bit. I don’t agree that it looks high fashion and I absolutely hate that ruched Chanel dress. It’s a wasted opportunity for sure,” shared dodencebt.

“I love both Jourdan and Nick, but this is just so disappointing. She looks bored and so am I,” declared Nomar.

Boring or brilliant? Await more from the issue and join the conversation here.

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Christy Turlington Stuns on Vogue Brazil’s Trio of October 2019 Covers

Our forums will always be partial to magazine covers shot by Luigi & Iango and the photographic duo has become an absolute asset to Vogue Brazil. The pair delivered a series of standout covers for the Brazilian fashion bible: Anok Yai and Alton Mason for August and Gigi Hadid for September. Now the mag thrills us once again by welcoming none other than Christy Turlington as its cover star for October 2019. The current face of Marc Jacobs stars on three collectible covers styled by Pedro Sales.

Vogue Brazil October 2019 : Christy Turlington by Luigi & Iango


The covers were an instant hit. “Perfection!! Almost didn’t notice that ugly giant earring due to her striking face. Vogue Brazil and Luigi & Iango have been producing some really stellar covers this year, I really hope their collaboration will continue in the future. Second cover is just as perfect! You can really never go wrong with Christy,” applauded aracic.

“Woooow this is beautiful in every possible way. Christy looks perfect,” admired jorgepalomo.

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“Wow, I’m so proud of Vogue Brazil. This is incredible! The first cover is so beautiful, but the second one is by far my favorite,” said guimon.

“Absolutely stunning!” praised FashionMuseDior.

“Christy Turlington is undeniably stunning. Gorgeous! However my problem with this is that this Luigi & Iango style is already HEAVILY ASSOCIATED with Vogue Japan to a point that even an original product of another franchise (as in this case) is easily mistaken as a reject of Vogue Japan,” noted MON.

“Thanks to Photoshop, the second cover is just tragic,” MagFan called out.

“Can’t say I like any cover actually,” chimed in Benn98. “She looks like a parody here. Such aggressive retouching.”

Vogue Brazil October 2019 : Christy Turlington by Luigi & Iango


Check out some previews of the cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Dua Lipa’s Vogue Spain October 2019 Cover Earns High Marks

Fashion magazines have never really captured newcomer Dua Lipa in her best light (with the exception of Vogue Turkey). Back in January, our forums weren’t thrilled with how British Vogue profiled the songstress and American ELLE also disappointed with its pair of covers back in May. But Dua’s luck is finally changing thanks to Vogue Spain’s latest. Stylist Lorenzo Posocco dressed the face of Yves Saint Laurent’s new fragrance in a black PVC Saint Laurent jacket for the utterly gorgeous cover shot captured by photographic duo Luigi & Iango.

Vogue España October 2019 : Dua Lipa by Luigi & Iango


Our forums gave Vogue Spain a massive round of applause. “I’m not a huge fan of Dua, but I think this is her best cover,” confessed jorgepalomo the moment the cover dropped.

“The best she’s ever looked!” heralded an equally impressed marsnoop2.

“Old-school, simple, glamorous and undeniably gorgeous,” praised KINGofVERSAILLES.

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“Absolutely stunning cover,” echoed FashionMuseDior.

Also head over heels for the outcome was vogue28: “Dua Lipa has never looked better, absolutely gorgeous and it’s not the first time L&I have been the ones to make a subject look far better than any other photographer has. Everything about this shoot works and the styling is just perfect for Dua.”

“The cover is actually quite nice…” said KissMiss.

Dua’s cover feature is an absolute must-see. Check it out and share your thoughts here.

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Cara Delevingne Strikes a Pose on British ELLE’s October 2019 Cover

Farrah Storr is making her mark on British ELLE after taking over the magazine back in April when Anne-Marie Curtis exited the role. Farrah kick-started her tenure with a Priyanka Chopra offering and made good use of an Angelina Jolie reprint last month. Now she’s serving up Cara Delevingne for October 2019 (a little over two years after the model/actress’ last appearance). Sasa Thomann dressed Cara up in head-to-toe Christian Dior (which makes sense since Cara is a Dior brand ambassador) for the Liz Collins-lensed cover.

UK Elle October 2019 : Cara Delevingne by Liz Collins


Our forum members were pretty split. “Pretty! I like it. Cara’s recent works are very eye-pleasing. This could pass as a great Vogue cover,” admired fluxxx.

“I have to say I am very impressed. Cara’s work can sometimes be a bit hit or miss, but this is magnificent,” said [Piece Of Me].

“Oh what a difference hair length makes! I really hated her short hair, but now I’m back in love with her! Love everything about this. It’s simple and true, we’ve seen this almost exact cover for Vogue Paris, but that doesn’t make it any less pretty,” aracic chimed in.

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But MON had a different take: “Vogue Paris copycat. Same model. Same backdrop. Same color scheme (black and red). Same look (with the hat). The new editor is flopping HARD for me.”

“Cover looks nice, but very dated. Like it was done under Lorraine [Candy]. Maybe it’s the art direction?” wondered an underwhelmed Benn98.

“Nice, but it’s always a pet peeve of mine whenever an art director removes the L from the ELLE masthead. How about you just crop/move the image better to accommodate the full masthead? This right here is a prime example of how it can make a cover look…disproportionate,” voiced vogue28.

Check out Cara’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.