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Cara Taylor Proves Punk’s Not Dead on Vogue Russia’s Sleek August 2019 Cover

Throughout 2019 Vogue Russia has managed to get our attention with covers featuring Birgit Kos, Bella Hadid, Grace Elizabeth, Kendall Jenner and Imaan Hammam. The title just added Cara Taylor to its impressive list with the mag serving up some sleek 90s minimalism in the striking black and white August cover shot by Giampaolo Sgura. Sveta Vashenyak styled the American beauty and current face of Isabel Marant in a leather dress from Daniel Lee’s debut Bottega Veneta Fall 2019 collection, which complemented Cara’s glossy bob and cat eye makeup.

Vogue Russia August 2019 : Cara Taylor by Giampaolo Sgura


The cover was a hit. “Oh wow, Cara looks badass. The light, the styling, the makeup, the background, the baby pink masthead — it all works for me,” approved dodencebt.

“Surprised how much I like the cover, Cara really makes it work. Was expecting some Sgura awfulness when I clicked on the thread!” confessed a pleasantly surprised Miss Dalloway.

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“Absolutely love this shot of Cara. She is an excellent model and pulls the styling and makeup off perfectly,” applauded apple.

“Oh I love this!! Cara really pulls it off,” tjasmine agreed.

Echoing the same sentiments was vogue28: “Quite like this, honestly failing to pick out anything negative about the cover as a whole. I do love the darkness of the shot mixed with the pale pink and white fonts, I also like the sleek art direction and the styling (the leather, the eye makeup and Cara’s polished bob).”

“She’s giving me Linda Evangelista realness and I’m here for it,” said A.D.C.

But not everyone was in the same frame of mind. “Looks quite dated…” proclaimed KissMiss.

“I understand what they were going for, but I’m not sure whether it works for this new Vogue Russia. And it looks like a watered-down version of Hedi [Slimane]‘s past work for this magazine. Maybe because of that very reason it will work for them,” Benn98 chimed in.

Do you think the cover works? Check out Cara’s cover story and share your thoughts here.

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Elle Macpherson Is Back on the Cover of Vogue Australia After a 20-Year Hiatus

There are some things that just go together, like Kate Moss and British Vogue and Steven Meisel and Vogue Italia. We’re always happy when our favorite fashion glossies champion their homegrown talent so we’re pleased to see Vogue Australia welcome Elle Macpherson back on its cover for August 2019 (after an unforgivable 20-year hiatus). Elle was photographed by Nicole Bentley and styled by Kate Darvill down under with her two sons for the charming cover image.

Vogue Australia August 2019 : Elle Macpherson & Sons by Nicole Bentley


Perhaps a solo cover starring Elle would’ve went down better on our forums? “So…does her oldest want to model or something? Can’t see any other reason for this cover,” remarked 333101 the moment the cover dropped.

“Um, when did Vogue turn into some other magazine that does this like Vanity Fair?” asked Scotty.

“More like Hello!” mocked a disapproving Melancholybaby.

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“Well you’re spot on,” replied an underwhelmed Benn98. “Can’t like this cover at all. It’s beyond pedestrian and the styling looks awful. Not interested in reading about Elle. And I agree…you can bet that one of the boys wants to go into modeling.”

But not everyone felt the same way. “I love this cover, yes, it’s super commercial and very Vanity Fair/Town & Country/Hello!, but I have always loved and admired Elle Macpherson. She is the type of supermodel I respect and in the same league as Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum. She has made the switch from supermodel to working badass businesswoman and I looove that,” defended Bertrando3.

“I think it really represents the way Vogue Australia is trying to balance two distinct audiences. One month they’ll have Billie Eilish or a Jenner and then they’ll mix in a few of the older, more traditional cover subjects like Kylie Minogue. Elle hasn’t been on the cover of Aussie Vogue in two decades,” magsaddict pointed out.

“What a gorgeous cover, don’t care how cheesy, or commercial, people find these ‘family’ covers, I always love seeing them. Also, such beautiful kids and Elle looks wonderful,” raved Miss Dalloway.

Await more from Elle’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.

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Meghan Markle Guest Edits British Vogue’s September Issue

Edward Enninful continues to catapult British Vogue into a new dimension with each and every issue. In 2019 alone, Enninful has managed to secure Naomi Campbell, Naomi Scott, Kate Moss, Madonna, Zoë Kravitz and Karlie Kloss. And now the title’s all-important September issue is here.

Our forum members have been speculating who would land the coveted September cover. But in a surprising twist, the biggest news isn’t the cover star, but the guest editor. Meghan Markle helped co-edit British Vogue‘s “Forces for Change” issue. Photographed by Peter Lindbergh, a total of 15 women grace the cover: Adut Akech, Gemma Chan, Greta Thunberg, Jameela Jamil, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Adwoa Aboah, Jacinda Ardern, Francesca Hayward, Ramla Ali, Christy Turlington Burns, Salma Hayek, Sinéad Burke, Jane Fonda, Laverne Cox and Yara Shahidi. There’s even a blank mirrored space to reflect our very own faces.

UK Vogue September 2019 : The ‘Forces for Change’ by Peter Lindbergh


But our forum members won’t be rushing down to the newsstand. “It looks like an Instagram promo post rather than the September cover of Vogue! What the hell is this? And the mirror…what a stupid gimmick so people think they are also part of this. NEXT!” declared Bertrando3.

“So bad, so bad. And that mirrored space? Couldn’t they just book one more cover star? How dumb. It looks like a fan-made cover…an arts and crafts project,” scoffed TommysBaby.

“I would be totally OK with this being an October cover, but September, are you kidding me! UGH!!” Miss Dalloway complained.

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In the same frame of mind was HeatherAnne: “I feel embarrassed for anyone who finds this inspirational. Hardly riveting choices. Besides Vogue you’re a fashion magazine, stay in your lane, we want a September fashion cover.”

“A checkerboard of clichés designed to hit all the right notes,” tigerrouge pointed out.

“What…is this? Could they not have executed this better? The suburban mom collage (especially with that mirror) looks cheesy,” commented a far from overjoyed Armani.

“Having an empowering message on their biggest issue of the year is GREAT, but THIS. DOES. NOT. LOOK. LIKE. A. FASHION. MAGAZINE. COVER. Especially when it’s September. It’s just wrong and I’m disappointed,” voiced crmsnsnwflks.

Blayne266 shared the same sentiments: “I think the whole collage group cover is messy and takes away from the ‘message’. I would have preferred to have multi-covers by Lindbergh, so it’s not so overwhelming and forced.”

Await more from the new issue of British Vogue and join the debate here.

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Adriana Lima and Irina Shayk Look Like Twins on Vogue Spain’s Captivating August 2019 Cover

Duo Luigi & Iango is probably our favorite fashion photographer right now (aside from Steven Meisel, of course). Over the years the pair has given Vogue Japan some of its most memorable and downright gorgeous covers. Now the duo is becoming a real asset to Vogue Spain (following a stunning Penélope Cruz offering back in April). So we aren’t at all surprised that Luigi & Iango shot another cover of the Spanish fashion bible, giving us a model pairing we never knew we needed: Adriana Lima and Irina Shayk. The dynamic duo could pass for twins in the August 2019 cover image, both sporting red lips, sleek hairstyles and matching black outfits selected by Juan Cebrian.

Vogue España August 2019 : Adriana Lima & Irina Shayk by Luigi & Iango


The cover went over really well on our forums. “Power couple! The hottest models with the blue eyes and dark hair combo. I can’t complain, I like the shot and the layout. Adriana’s beauty is much more striking and effortless to me though (despite the bad angle),” commented apple.

“How stunning, look at those million dollar faces, wow! Not even into them as models, but this is gorgeous!” expressed Miss Dalloway.

“I love the casting, Irina and Adriana are stunning and both amazing models!! And I love how the red lips pop out, especially with that great lighting. I think that’s really cool!” echoed Mercury6181.

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“What a gorgeous, captivating cover! Can’t take my eyes off it!” raved Velasco.

In the same frame of mind was aracic: “Definitely one of my favorite covers of the year along with Penélope’s April covers. Both women look breathtakingly beautiful.”

“Stunning cover, both look beautiful. Definitely one of the best covers this year,” agreed burbuja8910.

“Couldn’t have chosen a better couple. Such a stunning cover,” said SLFC.

“Why did this cover take so long? Can’t wait to purchase a copy!” declared AbbeyRoad.

Do you love the cover? Take a look at the cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Versace Goes Grunge for Its Fall 2019 Ad Campaign

Donatella Versace opted to bring back Steven Meisel to shoot Versace’s advertising campaigns in Spring 2018. But we’ve been longing for Meisel to ditch the plain studio backdrops. The photographer must have heard our cries loud and clear because he decided to shoot the brand’s Fall 2019 campaign in a warehouse. The ads once again feature a large cast, including Kaia Gerber, Anok Yai, Bente Oort, Maike Inga, Yassine Jaajou, Ilja Sizov, Huang Shixin and Paul Hameline all styled by Versace favorite Jacob K.

Versace F/W 2019.20 by Steven Meisel


Gerber’s image (above) was the first to drop and members of our forums didn’t exactly see eye to eye. “I hope that the tacky type of woman they achieved with this styling was intentional, I would like to see more of that direction. I can see local girls wearing cheap-looking furs like this with silly fake bags and their hair all messed up and cheap. She could almost be a hooker!” commented aracic.

“I actually like this first image, it’s wacky and tacky and it’s the fun that’s been missing from Versace. The brand seemed to take itself too seriously lately,” confessed dodencebt.

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“While I like the idea of the literal ‘bag lady’, the aesthetic doesn’t appeal to me for Versace, but it’s also interesting to see Kaia be presented in a new and different way,” said tigerrouge.

“This is like a Versace version of a Prada campaign,” mikel pointed out.

Forum member apple wasn’t a fan, either. “Well, let’s say that the collection was terrible in the first place. It didn’t feel Versace or innovative or desirable, it was just a mess. A good campaign with the right art direction could have made it more appealing, but these images only make it worse! You want to go grunge? Then do it! But make it look fashionable.”

“Bente? Maike? Anok? Sounds like anything but a Versace campaign cast, not even Kaia can save this from being and feeling irrelevant,” declared Riseup.

Versace F/W 2019.20 by Steven Meisel


Did Versace miss the mark this season? Sound off and await more from the campaign here.

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Victoria Beckham Almost Bares All on Vogue Germany’s August 2019 Cover

The celebration of Vogue Germany’s 40th anniversary has been in full swing since January with the magazine opting to mark the occasion with each and every issue this year. But the majority of the magazine’s offerings have failed to hit the spot for our forum members. For August 2019, the title went with a semiclad Victoria Beckham. The three-time German Vogue cover star went before the lens of photographer Chris Colls in a coat from her own Fall 2019 collection pulled by Christiane Arp.

Vogue Germany August 2019 : Victoria Beckham by Chris Colls


Our forum members were divided. “This had so much potential. The background. The concept. Why did they have to choose such an unflattering shot AND that awful font?” questioned MON.

“Not for me at all. It’s not so much the clinical vibe of the cover, but the excessive retouching which puts me off,” said Benn98.

“I love me some Victoria Beckham, but doesn’t her head look disproportionately large compared to her body in this shot? That, and the baby back, is all I can see,” noted a far from impressed dodencebt.

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“That cover is awful, her face looks swollen!” proclaimed dfl-001.

KissMiss wasn’t feeling it, either. “This woman literally exudes no emotion. She looks permanently frozen, almost too conscious of herself and incapable of relaxing.”

Also majorly underwhelmed was HeatherAnne. “Have no idea why people are interested in her, she’s the definition of boring.”

But not everyone was so quick to bash the cover. “Never mind seeing Victoria Beckham on the cover of Vogue…but nothing seems to beat British Vogue from April 2008 by Nick Knight for me. Atrocious fonts aside, I do like the actual cover image here and can appreciate how clean and sleek everything looks,” reasoned vogue28.

Miss Dalloway was in the same frame of mind: “Beautiful, love her face here. With VB you don’t have much space for options, but I don’t think I have ever seen a cover with her from this angle. Well done team Vogue Germany.”

Want to see more? Check out Victoria’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.