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Vogue Germany Pays Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld for July 2019

Magazines haven’t exactly went all out to celebrate the life and work of Karl Lagerfeld besides the odd article and magazine cover here and there. All eyes are on Vogue Germany this month as the mag pays tribute to the legendary designer with its July 2019 offering. The German fashion bible called upon photographer Peter Lindbergh and enlisted models Luna Bijl, Birgit Kos and Vittoria Ceretti for the occasion. Captured on location during a gloomy day in Deauville, the beach setting makes a stunning backdrop for the three melancholy covers.

Vogue Germany July 2019 : Birgit Kos, Luna Bijl & Vittoria Ceretti by Peter Lindbergh


For the most part, forum members were happy with the tribute. “Quite lovely covers and looks like a good tribute to Karl,” approved TaylorBinque.

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“It’s unfortunate that it took Lagerfeld’s passing for Vogue Germany to produce something worthwhile and worthy of 40 years! All three covers are rather beautiful, love the cohesiveness, the cast, the Deauville setting — a very tasteful and fitting tribute to Lagerfeld’s work,” applauded vogue28.

“Perfect! Yes for all,” echoed libra.

Also full of praise was jorgepalomo: “Love them!”

Vogue Germany July 2019 : Birgit Kos, Luna Bijl & Vittoria Ceretti by Peter Lindbergh


Miss Dalloway, however, wasn’t so happy. “Ugh, so heavy, and depressing! I don’t like any of the covers.”

“The tones are depressing for a July issue. It lacks vitality. These covers would have suited September better,” said Valentine27.

“I like the images themselves, but as previously mentioned, they’re so heavy-looking for a month like July. The vibe is just a little too melancholy for my taste even though it is a tribute issue,” noted slayage.

HeatherAnne felt the same way, replying, “Agree, kind of drab for July. This does nothing for me though, the photography and styling are beyond pedestrian.”

Vogue Germany July 2019 : Birgit Kos, Luna Bijl & Vittoria Ceretti by Peter Lindbergh


A fitting Lagerfeld tribute? See more from the issue and share your thoughts with us here.

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ELLE Enlists an All-Star Lineup for Its July 2019 Issue

Unfortunately, we rarely see models on the covers of mainstream American fashion magazines nowadays so our forum members rejoice whenever an editor is brave enough to pick a model for their cover. Nina Garcia gets a round of applause for bestowing upon us not one, but FOUR model covers for ELLE‘s July 2019 edition. Bringing awareness to causes close to their hearts, we welcome Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell, Doutzen Kroes and Anja Rubik down at the newsstand, each starring on solo covers all photographed by Chris Colls.

US Elle July 2019 : Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell, Doutzen Kroes & Anja Rubik by Chris Colls


Despite the killer lineup, our forum members weren’t cheering. “How can you take people with such unbelievable faces and bodies and make them look so bad?” asked an underwhelmed tigerrouge.

“OMG, there’s not even one good cover here… How is it even possible?” questioned KissMiss.

“They should work, but all of them fall flat! I can’t understand why, but I just really don’t like any of them. Doutzen looks weird and the colors are so drab for July,” said 333101.

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StylishDreaming wasn’t feeling them, either. “So much wasted potential. The only cover I truly enjoy is Gisele’s. Anja comes close, but like someone already pointed out, she just looks sad and pitiful.”

But the covers did have a few fans. “Fantastic, love them all, but cut above is the Gisele shot! She just delivers, and understands her brand 100%! U.S. ELLE is really making me miss the old Vogue less!” approved Miss Dalloway.

“Nina is not playing! Go girl!” applauded Lola701.

“I absolutely love this! Love the cast and the causes!” admired KateTheGreatest.

US Elle July 2019 : Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell, Doutzen Kroes & Anja Rubik by Chris Colls


See more from the cover shoots here and let us know which cover is your favorite.

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Margot Robbie’s Vogue July 2019 Cover Is Simply Sublime

Anna Wintour is notorious for recycling Vogue‘s cover girls (five of the magazine’s 2019 offerings have featured returning cover girls). The latest to be welcomed back is Margot Robbie, returning three years after her debut for July 2019. The Aussie beauty and Chanel brand ambassador is a forum favorite, whether she’s on Vogue Australia, W or Vanity Fair. For her second American Vogue outing, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress poses for Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in a bejeweled Burberry shirt selected by Tonne Goodman.

US Vogue July 2019 : Margot Robbie by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


Members of our forums were in total awe. “Gorgeous! Stunning! Fabulous!” raved Handbag Queen.

“Love it! A million times better than her first cover,” praised HodanChloe.

“Great cover! She is heaven to photograph!” declared an equally impressed Lola701.

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“Wow, stunning cover! First U.S. Vogue cover of the year I actually love!” proclaimed justaguy.

In the same frame of mind was Valentine27: “Finally I can say I like a U.S. Vogue cover. I might be slightly biased because I love Margot, but honestly, who doesn’t? She can do it all. She is phenomenal.”

Miyawaki showed the cover some love, too. “Love everything about this! Margot is extremely beautiful and this reminds me of the old Vogue.”

“Oh damn, that’s a fantastic cover and I just love the choice of green against her complexion and the gray background. It’s an unconventional expression and stare to have on a cover, but it somehow works for me. And the editorial is just sublime,” wrote dodencebt.

“Margot shows more versatility than many top models past and present. I’m quite amazed at her photographic range. This is a very successful editorial and one of the best they’ve done in a long time. Less is more!” stated GivenchyHomme.

US Vogue July 2019 : Margot Robbie by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


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Priyanka Chopra Deserves Better Than This Awkward InStyle Cover

Our forums have a great deal of respect for Laura Brown’s tenure over at InStyle. The editor-in-chief has tapped Melissa McCarthy, Ciara, Rebel Wilson and the cast of Big Little Lies for covers. Now it’s Priyanka Chopra’s turn to be an InStyle cover girl. The actress looks melancholy in the July 2019 cover shot while gazing down the lens of photographer Robbie Fimmano. Complete with styling from Julia von Boehm, Priyanka was captured in tropical surroundings wearing a sequined saree from Tarun Tahiliani.

US InStyle July 2019 : Priyanka Chopra by Robbie Fimmano


The cover was a far cry from her debut on InStyle three years ago. “She’s such a stunning, charming person and this is what they came up with? Her expression reads fearful, not sultry, to me. Terrible cover,” declared KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Too much skin. Poor posture. Awkward expression,” said SophiaVB.

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“OMG. This is too bad Laura. Why did you do this?” questioned caioherrero.

“Priyanka’s back is all I can see when I look at it; I don’t even look at Priyanka’s face. And there’s no neck!” proclaimed a disapproving dodencebt.

“From the neck up is questionable (head looks too big for her frame, and the absence of her neck), but I’m quite taken with the sensuality here. The stylist really did a shoddy job. She’s hardly wearing that dress,” Benn98 pointed out.

Forum member Joromana wasn’t impressed, either: “Love her, but don’t love these images.”

See more from Priyanka’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.

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Grace Elizabeth Is the Victim of Overstyling on Vogue Brazil’s June 2019 Covers

There’s a certain roster of models our forums hold in extremely high regard and Grace Elizabeth is on that list. Whether she’s fronting covers for Vogue Italia, Vogue China, Vogue Turkey or becoming the face of mega brands like Chanel, Max Mara and Estée Lauder, our forum members are on their feet applauding. The all-American beauty returns to the cover of Vogue Brazil for June 2019, proving less is always more. Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Pedro Sales, Grace sports a voluminous hairdo and a layered Prada look on cover one (below) and a striped sweater from Brazilian brand Animale for cover two (after the jump).

Vogue Brazil June 2019 : Grace Elizabeth by Giampaolo Sgura


Too bad members of our forums were in the mood for minimalism. “Oh my god whoever did that hair must be fired. Goodness,” announced MON.

“I don’t like the hair and the Prada on Prada on Prada on Prada outfit is overkill. That gorgeous face deserves so much better than this,” added dodencebt.

“The hair is awful, the styling is over the top and the photography is average at best. The only good thing about these covers is Grace, she’s undeniably beautiful,” KateTheGreatest chimed in.

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“Vomit-inducing. Poor Grace,” said Srdjan.

GivenchyHomme wasn’t impressed, either. “Out of all the looks to choose from, they pick the ugliest one. The text is also too small and it looks out of place. As for the hair, they really went for the Frankenstein aesthetic. The only difference is that she stuck a fork in a power outlet.”

Also quick to question the direction of the shoot was jorgepalomo: “The team behind the shot must hate Grace. This is terrible.”

“That’s A LOT of look,” commented RedSmokeRise.

Vogue Brazil June 2019 : Grace Elizabeth by Giampaolo Sgura


Share your thoughts and join the debate here.

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Zoë Kravitz and Steven Meisel Are a Dream Team for British Vogue

Edward Enninful continues to breathe new life into British Vogue by relentlessly championing diversity (both in terms of age and women of color). He keeps the streak going by picking Zoë Kravitz as the magazine’s cover girl for July 2019. Our forums are pretty used to the Big Little Lies actress delivering the goods down at the newsstand (via InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar and Allure) and she doesn’t disappoint with her latest cover. Photographed by Steven Meisel and styled by the editor-in-chief, Zoë serves good face in Saint Laurent for the spectacular and vibrant cover image.

UK Vogue July 2019 : Zoe Kravitz by Steven Meisel


The cover was everything our forum members wanted and more. “She looks absolutely beautiful here. I like it, nice to see bold summer colors used as well. The hair and makeup are great,” raved honeycombchild.

“She looks beautiful, I always enjoy Meisel’s covers for British Vogue. Even though their style is so reminiscent of vintage covers, it’s so refreshing to see,” admired aracic.

“What a stunning cover, this formula for them never fails!” praised Miss Dalloway.

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A.D.C. was also a fan: “This is gorgeous. It gives off summer vibes without a beach setting. I love everything about it.”

Velasco shared the same sentiments, commenting, “Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous in its simplicity!”

“My god, that FACE just takes your breath away. She is so startlingly beautiful, I can’t stop staring at the picture. LOVE the bright orange and pink accents on the cover. It’s clean, sophisticated and fresh. They really knocked it out of the park with this one,” applauded happycanadian.

“Gorgeous. Meisel does not play! He’s a slave to fashion and glamour. That’s why he’s still the best,” proclaimed GivenchyHomme.

Are you impressed by the colorful cover? Share your thoughts and check out some previews here.