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Yara Shahidi Is a Vision in Chanel Couture on Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s Flawless June Covers

You just have to give it up for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. The magazine continuously proves that it won’t be put in the shadows by its competitor Vogue Arabia, featuring the likes of Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as cover stars. The magazine drops yet another simply stunning offering in 2018 staring Yara Shahidi. The 18-year-old American actress, activist and “voice of a generation” was photographed by Taylor Tupy and styled by Andreas Kokkino for Arabian Bazaar‘s June 2018 cover shoot. Yara looks soft and demure in the pixel-perfect newsstand cover image (below) donning feathered and sequined Chanel Haute Couture, wearing various looks from the iconic French fashion house’s Spring 2018 couture collection throughout the entire feature and ultimately wins over our forum members.

Harper's Bazaar Arabia June 2018 : Yara Shahidi by Taylor Tupy


Yara in Chanel is obviously an ambassadorship just waiting to happen. “What a fabulous cover! Chanel better get her an international Vogue cover next,” commented dodencebt the second the cover came to light.

“They should get her a campaign first!” added Lola701. “She can sell make-up and could be perfect for the ‘Chance‘ fragrance!”

“I love Yara very much. What a beautiful, talented and smart lady. I think she really fits the modern Chanel persona and definitely wears Chanel very well from her outings and this editorial. I hope they sign her on as official ambassador,” voiced TaylorBinque.

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In the same frame of mind was forum member Khabeer: “While American Harper’s Bazaar is wasting their covers on those Hadids and Jenners, Arabia is showing you how it’s done! Yara is indeed worthy of such a cover. Not only does she have great style and beauty -she’s smart, and has a lot of great opinions on diverse subject matter. I’m here for this cover in every way. It’s simply breathtaking!”

“Absolutely gorgeous,” wrote brikin.

“Love this publication and Yara is incredibly gorgeous on the cover,” TeeVanity said.

IndigoHomme described the cover as “flawless” and we couldn’t agree more.

Harper's Bazaar Arabia June 2018 : Yara Shahidi by Taylor Tupy


Are you in love with Yara on Harper’s Bazaar Arabia just as much as we are? Share your thoughts here.

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Amy Adams Photographs Beautifully for Marie Claire’s July Cover

Marie Claire is powering through with newfound confidence after a fresh redesign back in May, continuing its winning streak into July 2018. Following a series of strong covers with the likes of Hailee Steinfeld, Reese Witherspoon and Emily Ratajkowski, this month’s issue goes to Amy Adams. Not exactly a fashion magazine’s go-to cover girl (unfortunately), Amy shows just how beautifully she can photograph in the intimate newsstand cover image (below), captured by Brigitte Lacombe and styled by Joseph Errico.

US Marie Claire July 2018 : Amy Adams by Brigitte Lacombe


The majority of our forum members welcomed the sight of Marie Claire‘s latest with open arms. “For me, this is an exquisite shot, all about subtle colors and gently flattering makeup,” admired tigerrouge.

“It really captures the delicateness of her features! The new art direction is starting to grow on me,” added magsaddict.

“Interesting choice, I quite like it. This is a reminder that Sharp Objects must be coming out soon,” wrote TheoG.

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Birgit Kos Looks Like a Supermodel on Vogue Brazil’s June 2018 Covers

Every now and then there’s a certain model who captivates not only our forums but the industry. We couldn’t get enough (still can’t, really) of Grace Elizabeth last year following a spectacular Vogue Italia cover and a campaign for Max Mara. Now, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of Birgit Kos. After walking just about every major show during fashion week and an appearance on Vogue Italia‘s April offering, Birgit now takes to the cover of Vogue Brazil. The Dutch beauty stars on the title’s signature duo of covers for June 2018, serving some serious supermodel realness in the retro-inspired images, captured by photographer Mariana Maltoni with styling from Pedro Sales.

Vogue Brazil June 2018 : Birgit Kos by Mariana Maltoni


Members of our forums were all for seeing Birgit. “She’s everywhere! If Grace Elizabeth was the model of 2017, Birgit is the face of this year. Hope she gets a cover by [Steven] Meisel,” praised forum member ivano upon checking out the covers.

“Wow! She is such a stunning girl!” mikel admired.

“Supermodel vibes. So happy to see her gracing Vogue Brazil!” wrote guimon.

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Allure Botches Janelle Monae’s July 2018 Cover

Allure caught a huge break from our forum members last month after it unveiled three terrific covers featuring three Asian models. The month prior, our forums urged Allure‘s staff to make some creative changes. Unfortunately, it appears that the magazine is back to square one with the July 2018 issue featuring Janelle Monae. Covering Allure for the first time, the American singer/songwriter was photographed by Camila Falquez sporting some Princess Leia-inspired side-buns and an overpowering Molly Goddard creation.

Allure July 2018 : Janelle Monae by Camila Falquez


Our forum members could barely believe their eyes. “I love Janelle. She looks so beautiful here. But she deserves way better than that hideous dress,” wrote dfl-001.

“That’s the prettiest Cheeto I’ve ever seen!” GivenchyHomme mocked.

“Janelle deserves better than this tulle nightmare. From the neck up she looks amazing though,” said mistress_f.

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Vogue Arabia’s Newest Cover Makes a Bold Political Statement

Vogue Arabia has been sending shockwaves through the industry ever since it launched with a captivating Gigi Hadid cover last year. Now, 15 issues later, the magazine continues to break down barriers and raise the bar. Following two exquisite covers to celebrate its one-year anniversary and an Adwoa Aboah offering, Arabian Vogue pulls off a June 2018 cover shoot featuring a member of the Saudi royal family. HRH Princess Hayfa Bint Abdullah Al Saud makes a stunning and triumphant appearance on the magazine’s latest, photographed in the desert by Boo George. The princess sits in the driver’s seat of a vintage car, making a bold political statement and celebrating women’s newly earned right to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Vogue Arabia June 2018 : HRH Princess Hayfa Bint Abdullah Al Saud by Boo George


The cover immediately grabbed the attention of our forum members. “When I read it was a princess I thought we’re going to get a rather sterile ‘royal-approved’ cover, but I was wrong. This is very cinematic and luxurious,” admitted dodencebt upon checking out the cover.

“Beautiful way to celebrate such a great moment,” heralded Miss Dalloway.

“Gorgeous! And I love how they turned it into a political cover, but still quite subtle. Well done Vogue Arabia!” [Piece Of Me] applauded.

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Gigi Hadid Is the Victim of Questionable Styling on Vogue Australia’s July Cover

We jinxed it. Just when our forums were applauding Vogue Australia for using homegrown talent, like Rebel Wilson and Kylie Minogue, the magazine ditches its fellow Aussies in favor of fashion’s most in-demand American model: Gigi Hadid. Putting the recent Vogue Italia cover controversy behind her, Gigi adds a second Vogue Australia cover to her ever-expanding portfolio, photographed by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Christine Centenera for July 2018. In the newsstand cover image (below), the current face of Stuart Weitzman wears a vacant expression along with her Calvin Klein outfit, while the limited-edition cover (after the jump) is a stark contrast with Gigi flashing a huge smaile.

Vogue Australia July 2018: Gigi Hadid by Giampaolo Sgura


All the elements just proved a little too much for our forum members. “Crikey, I usually enjoy what this magazine does! This is certainly many steps backwards. Sgura really didn’t even try with this. It’s so shockingly unimaginative! Styling looks terrible, I’m fed up with the Hadids pandering for sympathy, and I can’t believe they went for a grey backdrop,” said Benn98.

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Vogue Australia is just lost. I no longer see its identity, or at the very least, its direction. Can’t believe such styling appeared in Vogue. The art direction is also dumb. Who finds that appealing?” MON wondered. (more…)

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