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Riccardo Tisci and Rianne Van Rompaey Pose Together for Vogue Korea’s February 2020 Issue

We love seeing designers on the cover of Vogue. So we’re happy to see Riccardo Tisci following in the footsteps of Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld by covering Vogue Korea’s latest issue alongside model Rianne Van Rompaey. The last time the Korean title impressed us was with its Vittoria Ceretti offering back in November, but the mag manages to capture our attention once again for February 2020. Burberry’s creative director and our forum’s favorite Dutch beauty join forces before the lens of photographic duo Luigi & Iango for the first cover (below). Rianne goes solo for the second cover (after the jump).

Vogue Korea February 2020 : Riccardo Tisci & Rianne van Rompaey by Luigi & Iango


The covers proved to be everything our forum members wanted and more. “The solo cover is stunning! Rianne really serves it,” raved MON.

“Rianne’s solo cover is stunning. Pure magic,” echoed TaylorBinque.

“Rianne’s solo cover is…phenomenal and props to her for looking beautiful even in an upside down shot,” applauded crmsnsnwflks.

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Valentine27 shared the same sentiment: “Now we’re talking, wow, these are stunning covers! Rianne’s outdone herself again, I mean, she looks phenomenal upside down. Riccardo looks a bit out of place, but honestly I think he looks good so I don’t mind it.”

“This is fantastic actually! Especially the solo cover, Rianne looks magnificent. I don’t understand why Riccardo needed to appear on the cover, but I can’t really complain since I like the composition of that cover as well,” proclaimed aracic.

“Rianne’s solo cover is really gorgeous and it should’ve been the only one,” said dodencebt.

Vogue Korea February 2020 : Riccardo Tisci & Rianne van Rompaey by Luigi & Iango


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Jill Kortleve Makes Her Vogue Paris Debut on the Mag’s Cut-and-Paste February 2020 Cover

Emmanuelle Alt made Vogue Paris the most predictable title of 2019, constantly giving up the cover of the French fashion bible to the usual suspects (Erika Linder twice and Rianne Van Rompaey a total of three times). But Alt appears to be turning over a new leaf in the new year by welcoming a fresh face on French Vogue for February 2020. Jill Kortleve makes her debut on the magazine striking a pose in Saint Laurent for the cover shot captured by Dutch photographic duo Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Vogue Paris February 2020 : Jill Kortleve by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


But the cover failed to excite our forum members. “Emmanuelle Alt’s interpretation of ’embracing different shapes’. The cover is awful from start to end and Jill Kortleve is actually a gorgeous girl,” expressed Benn98.

“Wow. I have no words. Seriously, I am floored. This is the worst image I have ever seen in my life. This teen girl pink background? The ‘rural/country wanna-be-a-model-girl pose’? What is that face?” declared a far from overjoyed dontbeadrag.

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“I think it’s hilarious that Vogue Paris’ way of embracing ‘Vogue Values’ is by putting someone who 95 percent of people would consider thin or at least of standard model proportions on their cover and calling her a ‘body positive figure’ who ‘redefines the standards of beauty’. Or maybe it’s just the way they Photoshopped her?” wondered vavavinny.

Valentine27 felt the same way: “She might be different from the usual fashion standards, but it doesn’t show on the cover. That’s a pity, especially when the title states ‘different’. I don’t even mind the cut-and-paste pink background at this point. The representation is just wrong and I feel like it’s a missed opportunity.”

“I kinda like it!” defended vogue28. “I’m taken back to Vogue Paris covers from the 90s (like the one with Meghan Douglas by Mario Testino).”

“I like it. Vogue Paris is the only Vogue that is still bearable. May Alt continue for many years and never be replaced by a social media chaser,” wrote Les_Sucettes.

Are you a fan? Await the contents of the issue and join the conversation here.

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Olivia Wilde Delivers Old Hollywood Glamour on InStyle’s February 2020 Covers

InStyle is one of the hottest magazines on newsstands right now and it’s all thanks to Laura Brown and her knack for securing the best cover subjects. Toward the end of last year, Jennifer Aniston, Elle Fanning and Renée Zellweger were picked for covers and last month, the mag kicked off 2020 with a series of Salma Hayek, Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne covers. Olivia Wilde is Brown’s latest cover conquest, starring on the title’s February 2020 issue serving up tons of Old Hollywood style. Shot by Pamela Hanson and styled by Karla Welch, the Booksmart director wears Christian Dior in the newsstand cover (below) and suits up in Max Mara for the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump).

US InStyle February 2020 : Olivia Wilde by Pamela Hanson


“A true contender for the least flattering photo of Olivia Wilde I’ve ever seen,” declared KINGofVERSAILLES the moment the first cover dropped.

In the same frame of mind was Handbag Queen: “I think she’s naturally very beautiful, but these photos don’t make her shine at all.”

“Who the f did she piss off?” wondered MON.

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“‘Badass Women’…so we will dress her like a typical 50s housewife — the go-to style for archaic anti-feminism,” called out Kite.

“Wait…they did THAT to her face? Come on now, that is just upsetting!” proclaimed Miss Dalloway.

“I like Olivia, but Jennifer Lawrence and Peter Lindbergh did it better,” added jorgepalomo.

“What a shame, this turned out to be an eyesore. I don’t mind Olivia Wilde, can’t complain about the retro styling (with the exception of the tulle skirt shot) and actually like how the Christian Dior looks in the cover image, but can’t fathom how this went so wrong,” expressed vogue28.

US InStyle February 2020 : Olivia Wilde by Pamela Hanson


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Margot Robbie Stars on V Magazine’s Up Close and Personal Spring Preview 2020 Cover

Everyone knows Margot Robbie photographs like a dream. Whether the Aussie beauty is gracing the cover of Vanity Fair, W, U.S. ELLE, American Vogue or Vogue Australia, she always captivates. Now the Bombshell star makes her debut on the cover of V Magazine for its Spring Preview 2020 edition. The Chanel brand ambassador naturally sports the legendary French fashion house for the close-up cover shot captured by photographer Chris Colls.

V Magazine #123 Spring Preview 2020 : Margot Robbie by Chris Colls


But our forum members weren’t feeling it. “Hmm, no. It should’ve been stronger, fiercer and the neckline of that top looks sloppy since it’s barely visible but still visible enough to distract me. Not a fan!” said aracic.

“It’s *almost* great. It has hints of that great old V Magazine, but the cropping and framing is a bit awkward…” Marc10 critiqued.

“This is the definition of pedestrian,” declared honeycombchild.

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“Is this a Vichy ad? NO!” proclaimed an unimpressed Miss Dalloway.

“Thanks! Now I can’t unsee the invisible night cream jar she’s holding,” Benn98 replied. “The preview looked way more interesting than this cover.”

“I like the composition of the cover but…her face looks weird,” voiced jorgepalomo.

“I hate the way the V frames her face…otherwise I like the photo. Definitely one of V Magazine‘s better covers of the last few years, probably due to the fact that there’s no OTT tacky styling…” admitted RMDV.

Are you a fan? Check out Margot’s accompanying cover feature and join the debate here.

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Eddie Murphy, Renée Zellweger and Jennifer Lopez Hit the Road for Vanity Fair’s Annual Hollywood Issue

Award season is currently in full swing and it’s also that time of year when Vanity Fair bestows upon us its annual Hollywood issue. Previous years saw the magazine opt for a fold-out concept (like 2019’s refreshingly diverse cover or 2018’s Photoshop disaster), but 2020’s installment just features three cover stars: Eddie Murphy, Renée Zellweger and Jennifer Lopez. Photographed by Ethan James Green and styled by Samira Nasr, the stars hop on motorcycles looking like they’re about to hit the road — along with 20 of their peers in the accompanying cover feature.

Vanity Fair 'The Hollywood Issue' 2020 by Ethan James Green


The cover quickly sparked debate on our forums. “I actually really like this. It’s something different and tells a story compared to the usual covers. And J.Lo is absolutely serving it!! Eat your heart out Oscars, you failed big time,” declared [Piece Of Me].

“I quite like this! Thank god it’s not by boring [Annie] Leibovitz again,” praised HodanChloe.

“I like it! Kudos to Ethan for this achievement,” applauded jorgepalomo.

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“I actually really like the concept. It shows interesting storytelling and the personality of the stars,” raved TaylorBinque.

“The cover feels like a vast departure from previous Hollywood covers and for that alone I can appreciate it, but there just seems to be a huge disconnect between the subjects that I severely dislike,” critiqued an underwhelmed vogue28.

Benn98 shared the same sentiment: “Surprised this cover is getting such love because I find it terrible. Didn’t even recognize Renée and the styling and assembly of the subjects are just off. Everything looks really budget and cheap in the worst way imaginable.”

“A tragic cover,” echoed MON.

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Billy Porter Makes History by Covering Allure’s ‘The Art of Beauty’ Issue

Our newsstands are usually littered with the same old cover stars so we always applaud our favorite glossies when they welcome fresh new blood, especially while breaking down barriers. Allure was pretty good to us throughout 2019, embracing the likes of Sharon Stone, Naomi Osaka, Ashley Graham, Adut Akech and Gemma Chan as cover stars. Now the mag starts the new year and new decade with a history-making move by picking Billy Porter as the first male to ever cover the beauty-focused title. Photographed by Ben Hassett and styled by Nicola Formichetti, the Like a Boss star serves good face in the bold February 2020 cover shot.

Allure February 2020 : Billy Porter by Ben Hassett


According to our forum members, the cover was a missed opportunity. “I should like this more, but I don’t. You’ve got the clashing fonts, the off eyebrow art and a white masthead. Whose choice was that?” wondered an unimpressed Benn98.

“Agree completely. A missed opportunity,” responded KINGofVERSAILLES.

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“I welcome the idea that anyone who makes a statement with their fashion or beauty styling can appear on the cover of Allure, but the end product still has to be worth looking at to convince me to buy it. The eyebrows remind me of the sheets of sticky geometric shapes that young children are encouraged to play with,” mocked tigerrouge.

Forum member aracic wasn’t jumping for joy, either. “I definitely feel like the gay in me should be quaking, but he’s not. We both hate it! I love Billy a lot, but clearly not enough to tolerate this buffoonery. Geometric cut-outs, neon lights and glitter…could they be any more basic?”

“Why does a man have to squeeze himself onto an Allure cover? How pointless,” voiced Srdjan.

Allure is a beauty magazine and the last time I checked, beauty has no gender. It’s far from pointless, especially in today’s political climate, IMO,” defended slayage.

Do you love or loathe the cover? Share your thoughts with us here.