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Lady Gaga Brings the Glamour for ELLE’s December 2019 Cover

All the big-name celebrities are flocking to ELLE, largely due to the fact that Nina Garcia has propelled the magazine to new heights since she took over the reins of the American fashion glossy back in 2018. Just this year, Garcia gave covers to Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Graham, Gigi Hadid, Indya Moore, Lizzo and a whole host of others. She continues to impress as we wave goodbye to 2019 by picking Lady Gaga for the mag’s December 2019 cover. Decked out in Marc Jacobs, the singer/actress/makeup mogul returns to the cover a year after her last appearance, posing before the lens of photographer Sølve Sundsbø in grand style.

US Elle December 2019 : Lady Gaga by Sølve Sundsbø


The majority of our forum members had nothing but praise for Gaga’s latest cover. “In a sea of hideous December covers, this one is certainly a win in my book. It’s festive and fun despite being a simple studio portrait. Gaga looks absolutely beautiful…” raved aracic.

“Lady Gaga in Marc Jacobs is a winner in my book!” heralded GERGIN.

“This is a very good cover in my book! It feels December, but without it being too cliché,” proclaimed [Piece Of Me].


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Sharing the same sentiment was LastNight: “I love this. It’s overly styled, overly sweet and yet it works perfectly. The cover will undoubtedly pop on the newsstand and it has a festive quality to it without relying on red, green or gold.”

“I’m not mad at it at all. They actually managed to deliver a cover that’s very Gaga and yet a kind of fresh take on her. It should stand out well on newsstands,” said MyNameIs.

But the cover didn’t suit everyone’s taste. “Nothing looks as if it fits, in any sense of the word. The clothes don’t fit her, the makeup doesn’t fit the clothes, the hat doesn’t fit the season. The only saving grace is her confidence in being able to carry off the most ludicrous of looks,” noted tigerrouge.

Benn98 was in the same frame of mind. “Not for me, the makeup is too much, especially the Jessica Rabbit lips. And that shade of yellow is quite ugly. We’ve been seeing a lot of hats on covers and none of them seem to get it right.”

Check out Gaga’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge Strikes a Pose on Vogue’s Fabulous December 2019 Cover

Our forums have been applauding Anna Wintour over recent months since she’s offered up spectacular Vogue covers featuring Olivia Colman and Rihanna. And she keeps her impressive streak going by ending 2019 on an absolute high by welcoming Phoebe Waller-Bridge to American Vogue‘s cover for the very first time. Another win for photographer Ethan James Green, the British actress, writer and producer photographs beautifully, looking regal and poised in a one-shoulder Saint Laurent Spring 2020 dress picked by Tonne Goodman for the December 2019 cover shot.

US Vogue December 2019 : Phoebe Waller-Bridge by Ethan James Green


Members of our forums were simply in awe of Vogue‘s latest cover. “Oh wow, JUST got to watching the second season of Fleabag and I was thinking where are this woman’s covers! And here we are, LOVE IT! Kudos to Anna for giving her the cover!” applauded Miss Dalloway.

“Very unexpected, but I love it! Very festive! I’m happy when I see new faces on their covers. And another win for Ethan, two great covers in a row!” noted jorgepalomo.

“God, she’s just so perfect and well-deserved for this cover and then there’s that pose, which is a bit much, but it works! Plus, finally some festive glamour,” approved Benn98.

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“I absolutely love Phoebe and I am so excited that she got the cover! It’s quite festive indeed, even though Ethan James Green’s gritty style is still present,” wrote dodencebt.

Marc10 was also a fan of Vogue‘s latest cover conquest: “YES YES YES! What a great surprise. She’s probably my favorite person right now and exactly the type of woman that should be celebrated in media.”

“Yes, give this woman everything. All the covers, all the awards, everything. So deserving,” raved Wintergreen.

“Excellent! I’m so happy Phoebe landed a U.S. Vogue cover, absolutely love this woman. I do believe Anna still has it in her to surprise us,” said honeycombchild.

Also quick to praise the cover was LastNight. “Glorious! This is what a Vogue cover looks like; a brilliant, beautiful star photographed in some great piece of fashion — it’s simple, effective glamour.”

Be sure to check out Phoebe’s cover feature and join the conversation here.

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Angelina Jolie’s Holiday Harper’s Bazaar Cover Fails to Captivate

Despite Harper’s Bazaar not being the most creative, cutting edge or riveting fashion magazine on newsstands, Glenda Bailey still has some serious pull with the A-list crowd. In 2019 alone, the mag has counted Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston, Serena Williams and Demi Moore as Harper’s Bazaar cover stars. Angelina Jolie helps the publication close the chapter on 2019 by returning to the American title for the double December/January edition a little over two years after her last appearance. Photographed by Sølve Sundsbø with Patrick Mackie on styling duties, the actress stars on the newsstand cover (below) wearing a barely visible gold chain Oscar de la Renta dress. For the striking subscribers’ offering (after the jump), Angelina covers up with a white veil.

US Harper’s Bazaar December 2019/January 2020 : Angelina Jolie by Solve Sundsbo


But our forum members won’t be dashing down to the newsstand anytime soon. “I find the composition and cropping most criminal. How on earth is Glenda Bailey allowed to prosper? And Angelina’s covers are becoming painfully generic. Fail!” Benn98 exclaimed the moment the cover dropped.

“The first cover is just so bad and really unflattering,” echoed Nomar.

“She looks possessed on the cover,” mikel pointed out.

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Lola701 wasn’t excited by the outcome, either: “It’s quite terrible! It’s so terrible that it becomes funny!”

“Sølve Sundsbø and team failed to deliver the goods with this one. Yet I can admit the subscribers’ cover is far superior as opposed to the atrocious newsstand alternative! Angelina looks…frozen and static (just like me sitting here in total shock over how bad this all is),” voiced vogue28.

“A softer expression — a hint of a smile — would have gone a long way, but I’ll still take this shot over many of the other covers they’ve produced this year,” reasoned tigerrouge.

Fiercification was one of the few dissenters. “I’m honestly not mad. Her expression is a bit tragic on the cover, but at least there are nice shots in the veil. And thank God she’s not dressed like an executive again, for once!”

US Harper’s Bazaar December 2019/January 2020 : Angelina Jolie by Solve Sundsbo


Check out Angelina’s cover shoot and join the ongoing debate here.

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Emma Watson Is Ravishing in Red on British Vogue’s December 2019 Cover

This year has undoubtedly belonged to Edward Enninful, who has dominated newsstands worldwide with British Vogue covers showcasing the likes of Naomi Campbell, Naomi Scott, Kate Moss, Madonna, Kaia Gerber and Jourdan Dunn. He even had Meghan Markle guest edit the magazine for September. Now U.K. Vogue wraps up 2019 with Emma Watson decked out in a red Alexander McQueen ruffled number (picked by Poppy Kain) for the vibrant December 2019 cover shot by Alasdair McLellan.

UK Vogue December 2019 : Emma Watson by Alasdair McLellan


But members of our forums expected much more. “Your tagline is dress up and you’re showing me a beautiful and bored woman having a forced smile while sitting on a wood bench? C’mon Edward! Forgettable at best!” proclaimed Lola701.

“Dress up…then sit down outdoors in a smoking area and look unhappy,” tigerrouge chimed in.

“Autopilot. This is boring as hell, even if it’s not terrible. Looks like it could be from the [Alexandra] Shulman era,” disapproved Fiercification.

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Srdjan wasn’t feeling it, either: “Not a fan of this one. Her face and hair look too sharp in comparison to the dress…”

“She looks so uncomfortable. The styling is the complete opposite of her own. You can’t just throw your subject into any old dress and expect it to work. There has to be harmony between the actress and the styling. This isn’t a costume party!” exclaimed GivenchyHomme.

Although not everyone was unsatisfied. “What a beautiful cover, that McQueen dress is so bold and her demeanor is calm yet it still doesn’t wear her!” admired Miss Dalloway.

“Always loved Emma and I’m a big fan of this cover!” praised honeycombchild.

Are you a fan? Await more from the issue and share your thoughts here.

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Rianne Van Rompaey Closes Out Vogue Germany’s 40th Anniversary Celebration With a Rather Bland December 2019 Cover

If you didn’t realize that Vogue Germany has been celebrating a remarkable 40 years in print, we aren’t surprised. The magazine’s pitiful attempts at documenting the landmark have fallen short on our forums thanks to a slew of unimpressive covers featuring the likes of Isabella Rossellini, Gisele Bündchen, Stella Tennant, Victoria Beckham and Gigi Hadid. To close out the celebration, the German fashion bible picked Rianne Van Rompaey as its December 2019 cover star. Photographed by Collier Schorr and styled by Nicola Knels, the Dutch beauty and Vogue Paris regular stars in the rather bland cover image wearing a look from Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2020 collection rendering our forum members (almost) speechless. 

Vogue Germany December 2019 : Rianne van Rompaey by Collier Schorr


Commentary soon began to flood the forums. “‘Feel Free’ to let your content be dictated by a big advertiser. So this is the cover they have to close out their anniversary year with. Very underwhelming,” wrote mikel the moment the cover struck.

“‘Feel Free’ to throw this in the bin,” voiced MON.

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“I think these simple covers must sell for them or why would they do them so often? And especially for this anniversary year! It is starting to feel a bit depressing, but somehow I am still into it,” Miss Dalloway shared.

Also not exactly jumping for joy was slayage: “Rianne looks beautiful, but the layout of the cover ruins the whole shot.”

“The image is OK, but I hate how the font ruins the whole cover,” echoed burbuja8910.

“Rianne is beautiful as usual, but the cover does not make me want to buy what she’s wearing — or the issue,” confessed apple.

“Ignoring the horrendous fonts they’ve used, the image itself is great. One of the best cover shots of Rianne I’ve seen in a while. Her expression and hair are so strong,” declared Nomar.

Await more from Vogue Germany’s latest and join the conversation here.

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Kate Moss’ Instagram Cover for W’s Art Issue Isn’t Receiving Many Likes on Our Forums

The last issue of W that caught our attention was way back in December and recent covers featuring Naomi Scott, Lili Reinhart and Margaret Qualley all failed to enchant our forums. Sara Moonves is now running the show, proving with her debut issue in September that she’s on a mission to revitalize the magazine. Moonves’ latest cover conquest is Kate Moss, who graces the title’s art issue via a painting by artist Richard Prince.

W Magazine Volume #7 2019 : Kate Moss by Nikolai von Bismarck


The Instagram concept did not go over well with our forum members. “An Instagram post as art. Totally ‘ahead of the curve’ indeed,” mocked Marc10.

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“All-around cringe,” said gazebo.

“Cringe is the right sentiment for this. And W has already done art with Kate and Richard Prince before,” critiqued a less than impressed Melancholybaby.

“Art is subjective. And my subjective point of view is that this is lazy and desperate,” commented Velasco.

Sharing the same sentiment was [Piece Of Me]: “They probably thought this was so edgy and cool, when it just looks desperate. At least Kate looks good!”

GivenchyHomme felt the same way. “The picture of Kate is really good. It should have been the only thing on the cover. The whole Instagram thing would have worked better in an editorial. As a cover, it’s just too on the nose.”

Will you be making a mad dash down to the newsstand for W‘s latest? Share your thoughts and join the conversation here.