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These Flowery Jelly Lipsticks Are Taking Over Instagram

Image: Kailijumei

Image: Kailijumei

Turns out the It beauty items of the week aren’t Kylie Jenner’s Americana-inspired Lip Kits or Glossier’s much-promoted glitter-free highlighting agents. Instead, the award goes to Chinese beauty brand Kailijumei Cosmetics’ line of jelly-infused lipsticks.


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Why, you ask? Each tube’s gold-flecked, clear bullet holds a tiny flower inside, so you’re essentially applying Beauty and the Beast’s enchanted rose onto your pout. They’re every little spunky-bookworm-who-wouldn’t-mind-being-twirled-around-in-a-golden-dress’ dream come true. To up the nostalgia factor even further, the line of sheer balms changes color based on the temperature of your lips.


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Unsurprisingly, these pretty, perfect for everyday wear, mood-changing lipsticks (priced at $30) are completely sold out. However, you can still get your fairytale ending if you preorder one ASAP. (Or head over to eBay, where they’re being resold at a tiny fraction of the price, which would suggest there’s less to these gilded glosses than meets the eye or we’re all just reseller-averse since the advent of fake Kylie Lip Kits.)


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Disclaimer: These eye/lip candies are in no way affiliated with Disney. (Although the members of the brand’s marketing machine are no doubt kicking themselves right now.)

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