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Lindsay Lohan Was Either Really Early or Really Late to Community Service

Lindsay Lohan

Image: WENN

Lindsay Lohan was busy yesterday playing Saint Mary, tweeting about making a difference in young children’s lives through community service. Community service, mind you, that she’s required by law to complete. But service is service whether or not one is bound by the harsh consequences of the legal system, so we gave Lohan her Mother Teresa moment.

But according to TMZ, the actress has little to brag about as she was allegedly unfashionably late to her community service gig. “Our Lohan sources tell us Lindsay managed to sneak in a back entrance to the children’s daycare facility… dodging all the media gathered out front for her arrival. She showed up about 2 hours after she was expected – or roughly 90 minutes after most of the kids got there.”

Lohan being late for anything comes as a shock to no one, but an administrator told Page Six she actually got to her service early. “She got here super early. I don’t know exact time, but she was here early,” early childhood education director Ivonne Lopez said. 

So, there you have it. Lohan is known for erratic and sometimes extreme behavior, so if you think about it, getting to her community service either woefully late or extremely early doesn’t seem out of character. But considering Lohan still has so many hours of community service left to complete, we hope she’ll arrive at least on time for now on.

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