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Kristen Wiig Poses for Violet Grey, Shows up as Khaleesi on Jimmy Fallon

Kristen Wiig Violet Grey

Image: Ben Hassett courtesy Violet Grey

Kristen Wiig isn’t a talk show host, but she plays one in the movies. The actress stars in the upcoming film Welcome to Me, a movie about a woman who wins the lottery and uses the money to start her own talk show. She’s also filming Zoolander 2, the much-anticipated star-studded sequel to the cult comedy from the early aughts. Now, Violet Grey has tapped the comedian for the cover of its latest issue. Photographer Ben Hassett captures sultry images, revealing a darker, sexier side of the funny lady. For the accompanying feature, Wiig was interviewed by fellow actor Tim Robbins, who also has a role in Welcome to Me.

Though Wiig can credit much of her success to the fact that she’s such a riot, she does admit that audiences sometimes don’t get her when she’s being serious because they’re so used to seeing her be funny. “I always say people know you how they know you, and I think people know me probably from SNL and Bridesmaids,” she says. “I’ve done a couple of things that have been dramatic and sometimes I get frustrated because like…there was a scene I shot once where it was like, ‘Oh, this woman is so sad that she’s doing this thing,’ and when we screened it people laughed.” 

Kristen Wiig

Image: Ben Hassett courtesy Violet Grey

Wiig says that though Welcome to Me is funny at times, she is a bit nervous that audiences might not catch on to some of the more serious moments. “I was really nervous about that with this movie because I know that there’s some really dark moments and there’s some really funny moments, and it’s kind of up to the audience to interpret them. But, you know, you make a movie and you have just zero idea how it’s going to turn out and it never turns out the way that you think. Ever. It’s kind of scary.”

In keeping with her hilarious nature, Wiig paid a visit to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night dressed as Khaleesi (Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones), complete with a baby dragon perched on her shoulder. Though she stayed in character throughout the entire interview, it was clear she didn’t know anything about Khaleesi and couldn’t help but let out a few giggles over just how ridiculous the situation was. And as we know, it’s very hard to keep your composure around the king of breaking, Mr. Jimmy Fallon. 

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