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Amy Schumer Explains What Guys Really Mean when They Say You Don’t Need Makeup

Guys will always and forever wax poetic about how much they hate when women wear a lot of makeup and how beautiful we look without it…until they peep the dark circles and hyperpigmentation and are all like, “Oh, snap, well…maybe just a little concealer.”

Who better than the hilarious Amy Schumer to illustrate this phenomenon in the most perfect way possible? Inside Amy Schumer released the boy band ballad of 2015, “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup,” performed by a four-piece group of soulful-looking One Direction-types. The song starts with them pleading with women to wipe off their makeup, assuring us ladies that we’re all beautiful the way we wake up in the morning — as long as we still look hot at the crack of dawn, of course. 

When Amy takes her makeup off, the band automatically starts backpedaling on the first verse, suggesting that maybe we ladies try “natural-looking” makeup instead of going fully au naturel. “It’s like I tore up the shag carpet assuming there were hardwood floors underneath, but it turned out to be just dirty linoleum,” one of the band members says.

In a word, it’s perfect. Watch the entire video above.

[via Inside Amy Schumer YouTube]