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Isabelle Cornish Will No Longer Tolerate Your Body-Shaming

Isabelle Cornish has made it very clear she will not tolerate body-shaming of any kind. The young Aussie actress took to Instagram last night to make her message clear, saying she is “fit and healthy” and that people need to stop spreading “negative body image messages”.

“No one should feel like their body isn’t ‘good enough,’” Isabelle wrote alongside a picture of herself in a bikini at the beach. “I may be smaller than other people but I am fit and healthy! I workout I am very athletic and I nourish my body with a good diet.”

“Body-shaming in all forms is inexcusable,” she continued, hinting that she may have felt victim to such behaviour. “Stop comparing yourself to others and spread love and confidence not negative body image messages!”

Some Instagram users on the thread have been supportive and encouraging of her opinion, while others seem to be a little bit worried about her size. Jas_newton wrote, “I don’t think body shaming applies if your followers and fans are genuinely concerned about you.”

“You don’t look fit and healthy love, honestly you look undernourished and unwell. You look as though you’ve been going backwards, if anything. I hope you’re okay.”

If we’ve learned anything from following Isabelle on Instagram, it’s that this girl only consumes the most nutritious ingredients. Of course her fans have the right to be concerned, but there’s a fine line between being worried and being hurtful.

Isabelle is right, body-shaming has to stop. How are we meant to love ourselves if we can’t love each other?