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Victoria’s Secret Announces 10 New Angels

Victoria’s Secret just hit the refresh button on its roster of certified angels. Since losing Karlie Kloss and Doutzen Kroes, the world has been wondering which lucky set of beauties would be honored with their very own set of angel wings. Now we have our answer. Victoria’s Secret has just bestowed Angel status on 10 new girls.

You’ll notice a lot of familiar names, Victoria’s Secret regulars who have posed for the brand but haven’t been given the lofty Angel title until now.  and Taylor Hill have signed on as Victoria’s Secret’s new crop of heavenly bodies.

Naturally, most of these women are white, which is not surprising, although it is a tiny bit disappointing. Victoria’s Secret had an opportunity here to add a diverse group of new faces and they seem to have come up short, content with only two women of color. It would have been nice to see an Asian or Middle Eastern or Native American model. With the way people are buzzing about Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel campaign, adding a plus-size model like Robyn Lawley (who actually isn’t a plus-size person, just larger than the majority of straight-size models) to the mix could have been quite a powerful statement. 

But politics aside, we can’t help but be happy for each of these women. A Victoria’s Secret contract for some is the difference between being a face only fashion people know to being a household name and each of these women are gorgeous, have worked hard through their careers and deserve credit for what they do. This is Victoria’s Secret’s largest group of contract models ever, so it is still a big moment for the brand, which mentioned in a statement that it is “substantially increasing its international distribution.” 

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