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ANTM Contestants Have Been Stealing Clothes This Season

Didier Cohen

Photo courtesy of ANTM

Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 9 begins this Thursday, April 30, but we’ve already been hearing about the tantrums and dramas before the show has even started. Apparently the girls have been giving themselves a five-finger discount, pinching clothes from mentor Didier Cohen and fellow contestants.

Speaking to KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O on Tuesday, Didier revealed that the girls were to blame for a pair of pants he lost. “They stole my pants,” he said. “My pants got stolen on set. I went to the girls’ house, got changed, and they stole my pants,” he continued, claiming it was a pair of trackies which went mysteriously missing.


Photo courtesy of ANTM

We’d probably think he just misplaced the pair, if it wasn’t for contestant Alex Sinadinovic hinting that her underwear had been stolen too. “A few of my undies went missing so that didn’t end well and I might have used someone’s brush without asking,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

We understand the whole sharing is caring thing, but this just sounds unhygienic.

[Via The Daily Telegraph]