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‘Paper Towns’ Author Says Cara Delevingne Is a Great Actress

Cara Delevingne CinemaCon Red Carpet

Image: WENN

Cara Delevingne is set to star in the film adaptation of John Green’s Paper Towns, and while we weren’t too sure about her American accent in the trailer, we have word from Green himself that Cara is actually really good in the film. “Cara is an amazing actress,” he told Page Six, making it clear that even though Cara is from the modeling world, she’s not what you typically think of when you imagine a model/actress. The girl’s got some substance. “Legitimately. All of the constructions we have of supermodels are deconstructed by Cara in the course of the film,” he gushed.

And it’s not just Green who thinks Cara D’s got some serious acting skills. Ms. Delevingne also picked up a CinemaCon award with her Paper Towns co-star Nat Wolff for Rising Stars of 2015. 

Paper Towns  is due to hit theaters July 24. Cara also has a few other roles lined up, including a part as a mermaid in the forthcoming Pan movie and a role in Suicide Squad as Enchantress.

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