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Christie Brinkley and Daugher Sailor Brinkley-Cook are Peter Alexander’s Newest Stars

Christie Brinkley and daughter Sailor pose for Peter Alexander

Sleepwear extraordinaire Peter Alexander has tapped world-famous supermodel Christie Brinkley and her 16-year-old daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook for its latest Mother’s Day campaign.

The campaign, dubbed Super Mum, aims to celebrate mothers of all ages and from all walks of life. “This campaign has been such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate mums from across the decades, each in their own unique and colourful way”, says Peter Alexander, whose mum also features in the heart-warming shoot.

Stenmark and mum pose for Peter Alexander

Playschool‘s Benita Collings is also in there, as well as Jordan Stenmark and his mum Susie. I know, we’re literally dying too.. Considering pyjamas are the perfect gift for mum, now and forever, we can’t think of a better way Peter Alexander could’ve capitalised on the occasion. Plus, we never say no to a bit of Stenmark. 

Check out all the campaign images below.

Photos courtesy of Peter Alexander