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Kanye West Bonds with ‘Daddy’ Ralph Lauren at the Polo Bar

‘Tis a rare occasion to see Kanye West crack a smile, but last night the rapper couldn’t help but flash a grin in the presence of one of his idols, Ralph Lauren. Kanye and Kim joined the designer at the Polo Bar for dinner, during which Kardashian snapped this photo of Yeezy and Lauren, posed together in one of the bar’s leathery booths.

West has been extremely influenced by Lauren, and during Fashion Week, had the ultimate fanboy moment backstage at the designer’s show, when Lauren tenderly touched West’s face. “Do you know what he said when he [touched my cheek]?” Kanye told magazine. “‘This is my son.’ And I was thinking, ‘I knew it! I knew Ralph was my daddy!””

Well, it looks as if last night was full of father-son bonding for the fashionable pair. What an adorable family portrait.

[via @KimKardashian]