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Sony Was Considering Making a Grace Coddington Movie

Grace Coddington Movie Sony

Image: WENN

Grace Coddington, resident badass redhead of Vogue magazine, hasn’t only captured our imaginations – apparently, some execs at Sony are also enamored with her. An email leaked during the recent Sony hack was published on WikiLeaks revealing that executives were trying to meet with Coddington to discuss the possibility of turning her 2012 memoir into a film. 

According to the email, sent to co-chairman Amy Pascal by Adam North, who is currently a creative executive at Sony, “There’s something interesting about a woman going from being a model (on one end of the feminist spectrum) to being an executive. Not to mention, I think the world of the book – from running around London and Paris in the 60’s and 70’s to helping run Vogue in NYC now and her relationship with Anna Wintour – is totally enthralling and rife with opportunities for fun cinematic moments, great characters, etc.” 

North also thought the book would make a great TV show (though Grace apparently wasn’t a fan of the idea), due to all the stories embedded in the tome. Grace has lived a charmed and rather glamorous life during some historic and important moments in fashion. It would really be a treat to see the evolution of her life, career and the fashion industry play out on the big or small screen. 

The email in question is from December 2013, so it’s unknown what became of the project. Hopefully, the plan to put Grace’s story to film hasn’t been abandoned.

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