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FDA Bill Could Bring More Regulations to the Cosmetics Industry

FDA cosmetics regulations

Image: WENN

The Food and Drug Administration could soon be getting all up inside your makeup bag. California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein and Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins are backing a bill that will give the FDA more authority in regulating cosmetics and what’s in them. 

Cosmetics companies would be obligated to practice transparency when customers have adverse reactions like rashes to their products. Under current law, companies are free to volunteer such information, or not, at will. If the reaction is serious, the brand would have to address it within 15 business days. Less dire reactions would be added to a yearly report. The FDA would also investigate chemicals like methylene glycol, acetate and propylparaben to see just how safe they really are for human use. 

These new regulations could mean cosmetics companies will have to step up and be extra careful about the ingredients they use. Because the beauty industry wasn’t as diligently watched over, this new bill could bring a lot of change to the ingredients in your beauty items. It will be interesting to see what the FDA discovers as it investigates…or perhaps terrifying to know the real nature of some of the chemicals we’ve been exposing our bodies to.

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