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Beyoncé’s Apple Watch Is Fancier than Yours

Beyonce gold Apple Watch

Image: Beyoncé

The Apple Watch craze has begun. The device sold out in just a few hours when it was up for pre-order, though the rollout hasn’t exactly been smooth. The tech giant is said to be experiencing trouble shipping the orders, but that isn’t making the product any less of a success for Apple. An analyst is estimating that Apple Watch could be the company’s most profitable product, predicting that Apple will earn around $2 billion during the first two weeks of sales.

The Apple Watch already has its fair share of celebrity fans. Rapper Drake was spied at Coachella last week sporting the device. Pharrell and Katy Perry have taken to social media to show off their watches and Karl Lagerfeld was seen rocking a custom gold link bracelet version of the watch, which is estimated to be worth $25,000. Beyoncé is the latest celebrity to show off the piece and since she’s the queen bee and all, of course she has a version of the watch that is not available to us regular folk. 

The singer posted an image of herself wearing a questionable feathered headdress to her blog, with the pricey timepiece in plain view. We’re not surprised that people like Karl and Bey would have one of the priciest and most exclusive iterations of the watch. After all, both are legends in their own right – what better way to illustrate their importance than with a fancy-schmancy version of an already expensive but (for now) not totally necessary new-age device? 

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